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Copper compounds add color to nature. Sepia squids swim with blue blood thanks to hemocyanin and its sister enzyme, tyrosinase, which is responsible for tanning skin, hair, feathers and fruit. In addition, copper has accompanied human civilization for 10,000 years, from the first swords to today's coaxial power cables and cell phones. To the article about copper on the Fascination Chemistry website.

What role does copper play in Prof. Dr. Jean ? François Kidney Garden can be found in the Chemistry series In My Element: Copper. There is also a video about copper in the ChemistryViews video competition.

Group 11 elements

Group 11 elements include copper, silver and gold. These elements are certainly known to almost everyone.

Not so well known is the unstable Roentgenium, which researchers artificially produced a few years ago. It was named after the physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röngen, who discovered the X-rays named after him in 1895. For this he received the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901. X-rays are still indispensable for medical diagnostics today.

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