occupational safety

Work-and Healthprotection

Health and safety is seen in the headquarters of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) as social competence and governing club goal. Well-practiced occupational safety leads to a high quality of work, promotes both productivity and motivation of the employees.

Systematic occupational safety is a routine part of all decisions in the headquarters of the German Chemical Society and integrated into all processes. The formulated occupational health and safety policy forms the basis of protection against accidents and work-related illnesses.

Health and safety is seen in the headquarters of the German Chemical Society as a management task, and the leaders have a special responsibility for promoting and improving the safety and health of all employees / -Innen. However, this does not release employees from the personal responsibility that each employee bears for himself / herself and in his / her work group.

Health and safety goals

Achieving an optimal work-life balance. It stands for a state in which work and private life are brought into harmony with one another.

The management supports all employees and managers in constantly improving and developing occupational health and safety in line with our association's goals and strategy.

Managers are role models for safe and healthy work.

Industrial safety is considered in the headquarters as a sibling management target to other destinations such as quality, punctuality and member satisfaction.

All employees have an obligation through their behavior to contribute to avoiding accidents, illnesses and dangers at work.

The employees are involved in decisions relevant to occupational safety.

All measures are taken which serve to maintain the health and performance of all employees in the long term and, if necessary, even to improve them.

The management strives to continuously improve the integration of occupational safety in the German Chemical Society headquarters.

Overall concept for occupational health and safety that focuses on both the collective and the individual.

All employees are encouraged to think and act in a safety-conscious manner through training and instruction.

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