More information about regional lectures

If you have any questions about local events, please contact your local chapter chair.

Local association chairmen and JCF regional spokespersons can find detailed help on entering events in the GDCh calendar here. The entry is particularly important because the events listed in the Online calendar are also printed in our members' Nachrichten aus der Chemie.

Many events, especially those for young chemists, go far beyond the mere specialist colloquium. These include, for example, the traditional Christmas colloquia, experimental lectures, etc. Convince yourself of the rich offer on site.

Here you can select the location that is near you from a list and have the events of the regional structure stored in our database displayed in a table for a freely selectable period of time.

It is also possible to extend the search to events that have already taken place. With this you can, for example, find out again who the lecturer was in a colloquium that you attended a long time ago. If you do not enter any dates, the search will always start from the current date. Only lectures from September 2011 can be searched here. Previous historical data is not available online but is available as a PDF (box on the right).

Please note: the selectable default values (e.g. the event location) and the events displayed are generated dynamically from the entries already made. This means that not all local sections are generally displayed for selection, but only those for which there are entries in the database in the relevant period. And when you select a location, it automatically filters for that location (without having to click Search first - this button is only relevant for the left column of the search fields).

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Lecture archive

Lecture history of the local associations for the period 12/2000 up to and including 09/2011 Download

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