Applied Symposia

The 12th Singapore International Chemistry Conference (SICC-12) is held on 9 to 13 December 2024. It is hosted by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) and it will cover organic, organometallic, inorganic and material chemistry.

The theme will be “Building Chemistry: Bridging Disciplines” and about 2000 participants from all over the world are expected. We have already gathered an impressive roster of speakers, among them is Nobel Laureate Professor Aaron Ciechanover. This event will be held in-person only, in Singapore.

In addition, building on the “Germany-Singapore Framework for Sustainability and Innovation”, signed by both governments in November 2022, we are proud to host the “Applied Symposium” in Singapore, with the presence of Prof Stefanie Dehnen (President German Chemical Society , GDCh), and Prof. Annette Beck-Sickinger (Leipzig University & Chair Angew. Chem. International Advisory Board), among others.

It is our great pleasure to extend our welcome to synthetic chemists around the world to join us at this exciting event in Singapore.

Applied Festival Symposium, Berlin

As part of the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry - Anniversary Congress "GDCh 150 Years", the Applied Symposium took place on September 11, 2017 in the Henry Ford Building of the Free University of Berlin.

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ICS-GDCh-Applied Symposium in Tel Aviv, Israel

The German Chemical Society (GDCh) and the Israel Chemical Society (ICS) organized a symposium of the GDCh journal Angewandte Chemie in Tel Aviv, Israel, together with Wiley-VCH on February 15, 2017. "Chemistry for Our Future" was the central theme of the symposium. GDCh President Thisbe K. Lindhorst led the German delegation.

CRSI-GDCh-Applied Symposium in Siliguri, India

The German Chemical Society (GDCh) and the Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) organized a symposium of the GDCh journal Angewandte Chemie in Siliguri, India, together with Wiley-VCH on July 13, 2016. "Bioorganic chemistry and Chemical Biology" were the central themes of the symposium. GDCh President Thisbe K. Lindhorst led the German delegation and was also involved in the program with a scientific lecture.

Festive symposium 125 years of Angewandte Chemie

The symposium celebrating 125 years of Angewandte Chemie took place on March 12, 2013 in Berlin. The venue was the Henry Ford Building at Freie Universität Berlin.

KCS-GDCh Applied Symposium in Busan, South Korea

The German Chemical Society (GDCh) and the Korean Chemical Society (KCS) hosted the symposium of the GDCh journal Angewandte Chemie on October 18, 2012 in Busan, South Korea. "Inorganic solid state chemistry and nanomaterials" were the central topics of the symposium. The opening speech was held by GDCh President Barbara Albert.

Applied Symposia

In the International Year of Chemistry 2011, the "Angewandte Chemie International Edition", the flagship of the GDCh journals and one of the most important chemistry publications worldwide, celebrated its 50th birthday. On the occasion of this anniversary, the GDCh organized two symposia in June together with the Japanese Chemical Society (CSJ), the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS), the German Research Foundation (DFG) as a network partner of the "Research in Germany" initiative and the publishing house Wiley-VCH Tokyo and Beijing. With these events, top achievements in chemistry should be honored and the scientific dialogue between the GDCh and its partner organizations in Japan and China should be strengthened. Four Nobel Prize winners in chemistry and other world-class chemists were speakers at the symposia, which could also be watched on video on the Internet.

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