Report lectures

Lecture registration for local association chairmen and JCF regional speakers

Lectures in the GDCh local chapters and the JCF regional forums are collected centrally in an event Management system in order to be able to advertise these events on the GDCh website and in the Nachrichten aus der Chemie. To the event Management system

Please note the deadlines for the publication of articles and lecture Nachrichten aus der Chemie!

Help: login and user data

For every GDCh local section and every JCF regional forum there is a generic login in the event Management system (EMS) consisting of a user name and a random password. This login can also be obtained in the GDCh headquarters. Please contact Dr. Maximilian Bräutigam, Tel. +69 69 7917-330.

Help: create a lecture

(1) Gehen Sie zur Eventübersicht
(2) Event neu anlegen
(3) Eckdaten eintragen
(4) Im Reiter Termin eintragen & speichern


  • After logging in, start in the event overview - please switch to the key event data.
  • Step 1: Click on the Create new event button:

  • Step 2: Enter all key event data
  • Since the event Management system is designed for a large number of events, the text field labels are kept very general. Please enter the following information:


    • The name of the event is the title of the lecture,
    • Event location is the name of the local association or JCF regional forum
    • Status, revised and canceled remain unaffected
    • Transfer mpm must be set so that the entries can be transferred to the website ( )
    • Choose a room
    • Under Scientific Management you have the title and name of the lecturer in the format ?Prof. Dr. M. Mustermann "a
    • Organization The organizer here is the speaker's affiliation

  • Step 3: Switch to the second tab Appointments and enter the start date and time
  • Save your entries by clicking on the diskette symbol
  • The view then jumps back directly to the event overview - your event is now listed here

Help: edit the lecture

Wählen Sie Ihr Event
Setzen Sie es
Wechseln Sie die Eventeckdaten


  • Go to the event overview
  • Mark a presentation in the overview by ticking it
  • Click on Set Event
  • Now you can edit the lecture as described under " Register lecture" by clicking on the key event data

Help: Adding and editing rooms

Please e-mail any changes you want to Dr. Maximilian Bräutigam.

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