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Presence at the locations of chemical research

From Kiel to Constance, from Aachen to Lausitz - chemists have "their"local GDCh local section in all regions of Germany. At these locations of chemical research - mostly located in university towns or larger industrial centers - the GDCh members meet regularly for colloquia. Scientists from home and abroad report on current research results, new methods, techniques and production processes, but also on modern Management and future-oriented concepts.

Local chapters and volunteer officials

Over 650 lectures annually in the 60 GDCh local chapters bring more than 35,000 interested people closer to chemistry. This also includes numerous popular science lectures for a broader public.

The size of the local chapters varies considerably, ranging from 80 to 2,000 members. Current member statistics for all local associations and regional forums of the JungChemikerForum are available to all members on MyGDCh.

Elected by the members of the local branch is at the head of a local branch chairman. This is elected for a four-year term and can be re-elected directly once. The chairman of the local association represents the local section externally and makes suggestions in the field of scholarships and funding.

Many local association chairmen have appointed deputies to support them. Since some local associations look after several universities, technical colleges and companies at the same time, there are ideal conditions for a lively technology transfer. In addition, the representatives of the local chapters are the local contacts for journalists, students and teachers.

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