Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure of the JungChemikerForum

Version dated May 27, 2020


The JungChemikerForum (JCF) is the youth organization of the German Chemical Society (GDCh). The JCF is a legally not independent structure of the GDCh. The company's statutes of association are binding for them. To carry out its work, the JCF has adopted rules of procedure, which were adopted by a resolution of the regional spokespersons of the JCF on March 26, 2014 and after approval by the GDCh board on December 1, 2014. In August 2019, the election procedure for the federal executive committee was adjusted and approved by the GDCh executive committee. In May 2020, the rules of procedure were formulated in a gender-neutral manner, which was also very much welcomed by the GDCh board.

§ 1 Tasks and goals of the JungChemikerForum


  1. Young GDCh members are promoted,


    1. by giving a platform to a network of young chemists and
    2. by encouraging independent engagement and offering support.

  2. The interests of the young members within the GDCh are represented,


    1. through the support of young chemists in the candidacy for GDCh committees,
    2. by promoting cooperation with local associations, specialist groups and sections of the GDCh and
    3. through assistance with open questions and problems with GDCh structures.

  3. The scientific exchange between young scientists is promoted,


    1. by maintaining partnerships with comparable organizations on an international level,
    2. by establishing cooperation across disciplines and
    3. by organizing scientific conferences and seminars.

  4. Connections between schools, universities and industry are to be strengthened,


    1. by establishing lively contacts with general education schools,
    2. through close cooperation with the student councils and by means of special offers for first-year students and
    3. through excursions to potential employers, job fairs and other events on issues relating to the various job profiles in chemistry, professional training and entry into the profession.

  5. The public image of chemistry and the dissemination of general scientific knowledge should be strengthened,


    1. through a wide variety of generally understandable (experimental) lectures and campaigns,
    2. by teaching children in kindergartens and schools the laws of nature using simple examples and
    3. by providing understandable, well-founded information, in particular on the sustainability and safety of modern chemical processes.

  6. The JungChemikerForum accompanies educational and scientific policy developments critically and constructively, but always in connection with the aforementioned goals.

§2 members

  1. All student and other members of the GDCh in training, as well as those full GDCh members who are listed as young members according to the fee schedule, form the JungChemikerForum and are hereinafter referred to as young chemists.

§3 JCF regional forums


  1. The basis for the work of the JCF is formed by the regional forums in which all young chemists from the relevant region (usually defined by a local GDCh local section) can participate.
  2. The naming is based on the pattern "JCF Regional Forum XYZ", whereby the city name or the local association name is to be used for XYZ. The short form "JCF XYZ" is permitted.
  3. The activities of the JCF regional forum take place in close cooperation with the GDCh structures, in particular the respective GDCh local section.
  4. The JCF Regional Forum is represented by the JCF Regional Spokesperson.
  5. The choice of the regional spokesperson


    1. must be made public at least two weeks in advance,
    2. takes place for one year at a time, re-elections are possible,
    3. is general, free, direct, equal and secret, with lots deciding in the event of a tie.
    4. is done by all members present for election (see §2). All members of the respective regional forum and have the active and passive right to vote
    5. is the GDCh headquarters and the JCF national executive (see Section 5) show at least weekly (incl. election protocol).

  6. The maximum of two deputies of the regional spokesperson


    1. are at the side of the regional spokesperson and take over all tasks if he / she is prevented or leaves and
    2. are elected in conjunction with the regional spokesperson. Before the election, it must be announced whether the deputies will be elected with the spokesperson in one ballot (i.e. in the replacement procedure) or in a separate ballot.

  7. Each regional forum receives a grant from the GDCh to carry out its work. The funds must be requested from the GDCh office and a statement of the use of the funds must be submitted.

§4 Nationwide speakers meeting


  1. The nationwide speakers' meeting is the highest JCF body and determines the basic direction of the JCF, particularly with regard to supraregional cooperation and projects.
  2. The speakers' meeting


    1. takes place at least once a year and is announced by the federal executive board to the regional spokesperson at least four weeks in advance,
    2. is led by the federal executive board and prepared in terms of content.
    3. consists of the federal board with voting rights (see §5) and a maximum of two voting representatives from the regional forums. If both the regional spokesperson and his / her deputy are unable to attend, other members of the respective regional forum can also be sent. However, this must be communicated to the federal executive board beforehand by the regional spokesperson,
    4. is open to all members (see §2) who would like to participate as guests without voting rights, provided the conference location permits and
    5. discharges and elects the federal board (see §5).

  3. The decisions of the speakers' meeting


    1. are carried out with a simple majority in free, equal, direct and public voting by the members of the regional forums and the federal executive board who are present and who are entitled to vote,
    2. are only valid if representatives from at least one third of all regional forums are present and
    3. are binding for the federal executive board and the regional forums, provided they do not contradict the GDCh statutes.

§5 Federal Board


  1. The federal executive


    1. consists of a chair and at least four other board members. In the event of an early resignation from the chairmanship, the tasks will be taken over provisionally by the board member with the most votes (see §5, sentence 2d),
    2. can co-opt other GDCh members as advisory board members (especially if a federal board member resigns prematurely). The co-opted members have no voting rights on the board,
    3. makes its decisions with a simple majority of its members, with the chairman deciding in the event of a tie,
    4. represents the JCF against the German Chemical Society's board, the GDCh headquarters and the public in particular regarding on regional and international issues,
    5. assigns supraregional events (in particular the spring symposium and the speakers' meeting) to a regional forum,
    6. appoints representatives for commissions within the GDCh and can set up working groups that are limited in time and subject
    7. mediates conflicts of interest within a regional forum that cannot be resolved on site.

  2. The election of the federal board


    1. takes place annually at a speaker meeting (see §4), whereby one person can be re-elected twice,
    2. is free, equal, immediate and secret, with lots deciding in the event of a tie. There is a choice of persons and not a list.
    3. is carried out by the representatives of the regional forums who are present and who are entitled to vote (active right to vote) with one vote per vacant post and ballot, but without voting rights of the outgoing federal board (except for federal board members who vote for their regional forum) Any member can be elected (passive right to vote) (see §2),
    4. takes place in separate ballots for the chairman and the other board members. The chair is elected with a simple majority. The other board members are elected in the order of the most votes until the previously announced number of further board positions has been reached. If a member of the Management Board leaves the company prematurely, the position will not be filled until the next election. (§5 sentence 1b remains unaffected) and
    5. is the GDCh headquarters display (incl. election protocol) immediately.

  3. In order to carry out its work, the federal headquarters board receives a subsidy to be determined every six months from the GDCh.

§6 entry into force

1. The rules of procedure come into effect through the resolution of the Board of Directors of the German Chemical Society . Previous rules of procedure are no longer in force.

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