Federal Board

National Board of the JungChemikerForum

The JCF national board is elected annually at the autumn speakers meeting by the JCF regional speakers.

Federal spokesman

Lorin Steinhäuser (JCF team coordination)

Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
Department 1.8 - Environmental Analysis
Chromatographic Processes, Dr. C. Piechotta


Deputy Federal Spokesperson

Anna Rustler (Social Media and Finance)

AK Reiser
University of Regensburg
Institute for Organic Chemistry
Universitätsstr. 31
93053 Regensburg


Felicitas von Usslar (regional forums and interdisciplinary exchange)

AK Zollfrank
Department of Biogenic Polymers,
TU Munich
Schulgasse 16
94315 Straubing


Rahel Marschall (international and advertising material)

AK degree target ski
Technical University Berlin
Secretariat TC7
June 17th street 124
10623 Berlin


Chris Heintz (Webmaster & Data Protection)

AK Prof. Dr. Benter
Physical and theoretical chemistry
University of Wuppertal
Gaussstrasse 20
42119 Wuppertal


Claudia Catapano (Assessor)

AK Heilemann
Institute for Physical & Theoretical Chemistry
Goethe University Frankfurt
Max von Laue Strasse 9
60439 Frankfurt


useful information

The JCF's representatives on the GDCh board are Katharina Uebele and Frank Dissinger.

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