Division Award prize for analytical chemistry

The Division of Analytical Chemistry of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) honors outstanding and independent achievements by dedicated and talented scientists who are at the beginning of their scientific Career with the Analytical Chemistry Division Award Prize. The prize is usually awarded every two years as part of ANAKON and comes with an award certificate and prize money of 2000 euros. All members of the Division are entitled to nominate candidates. The Board of the Division decides on the award of the prize.

Division Award prize for analytical chemistry 2019

Presentation of the specialist group prize by Dr. Joachim Richert (left), chairman of the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry, to Dr. Björn Meermann (right). The award ceremony took place during the ANAKON 2019 in Münster.
(Photo: WWU Münster)

Division Award prize for analytical chemistry 2001ff

Locations refer to the institution at the time of the award ceremony.

2019 dr Bjoern Meermann, Koblenz
2017 Prof. Dr. Kevin Pagel, Berlin
2015 dr Romana Schirhagl, Groningen /NL
2013 dr Carolin Huhn, Julich
2011 dr Nina Kaeppel, Ludwigshafen

dr Carsten Engelhard, Bloomington/USA

2007 dr Heiko Hayen, Dortmund
dr Thomas Letzel, Munich

dr Christian Temme, Geesthacht/NL


dr Mag. Herbert Franz Oberacher, Saarbrücken
dr Oliver Trapp, Tubingen

2001 dr Steffen Friedrich, Dresden
dr Ulrich Engel, Frankfurt

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