2022 Wernigerode

8th SEC annual meeting, Wernigerode, 2.-4. May 2022

Rathaus in Wernigerode
Rathaus in Wernigerode


Our 8th SEC annual meeting was to take place in April 2020 at the HKK Hotel Wernigerode. Because of the Corona crisis, we had to postpone the Conference by two whole years. The new date is 2-4. May 2022 at the same place. The Conference offers "everything under one roof" so that the 8th SEC annual meeting will also be a Conference of short distances. Wernigerode is easy to reach by car via Goslar (e.g. from Frankfurt approx. 3½ hours). The train (via Hildesheim or Erfurt) takes about 4½ hours from Frankfurt, for example. You can download our flyer for the Conference in Wernigerode as a PDF here.

Wernigerode is a highly attractive little town in the middle of the Harz Mountains. It is known for its many half-timbered houses and a particularly magnificent town hall from the Renaissance period. The Conference is followed by May 1st, a public holiday, and with it the night of the witches, Walpurgis Night. It is particularly celebrated in Wernigerode and Schierke (known for Schierker Feuerstein, a herbal bitter) and of course on the Brocken. But even without witches and devils, the Harz Mountains are suitable for hiking and relaxing. In addition to the Harz there are attractive excursion destinations in the area, for example Quedlinburg, Halberstadt, Goslar or Gernrode, see excursion destinations below.

scientific programme

Rainer Herges, University of Kiel:
Molecular machines, a new approach to the diagnosis and targeted therapy of diseases

Joachim Heck, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik GmbH, Wendelsheim:
Flowchemistry - From the beginning to the establishment as a process technology

Hannelore Daniel, LMU Munich:
Personalized nutrition for young and old, current status and prospects

Marcus Fischer, University of Hamburg:
food counterfeits

Ulrich Reiff,
museum director of the Upper Harz Mining Museum
World Heritage Upper Harz Water Management ? pre-industrial energy system and barrier-free paths through the mining area

Klaus Kopka, DKFZ Heidelberg:
Targeted fight against prostate cancer

Christian Struck, CVUA-MEL, Munster:
Does the meat from the Petri dish fulfill the dream of eternal youth?

Helmut Ritter, former Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf:
Plastics: Make new from old

Odo Wunnicke, Science & Technology CREAVIS - Science to Business
3D Printing - Materials & Technology

Klaus Dorre,
University of Jena
From the pincer crisis to the sustainability revolution? Aging Societies in the Great Transformation

Andreas Geisbauer, Clariant International, Bruckmühl
Electricity-based fuels and energy carriers - challenges and market opportunities for the catalytic process industry

Gerhard Kreysa, formerly DECHEMA, Frankfurt:
Electromobility - grandchildren and seniors between fakes and facts

Eberhard Ehlers, GDCh ? SEC, Frankfurt:
Serendipity, or the role of chance in discovery! How does something new come into being?

Wilfried Liessmann, TU Clausthal:
Harz mineral treasures - remarkable historical and current finds

supporting program

As a supporting program we will offer guided tours in Wernigerode and bus trips to the most important sights in Halberstadt and Goslar.

Photo: Chpagenkopf, Town Hall in Wernigerode, CC BY-SA 3.0


Are you already looking forward to Wernigerode and the surrounding area and planning to go on trips a few days before or after the SEC annual meeting ? Hans-Uwe von Grabowski (Deputy SEC Chairman and Chairman of the 8th SEC Annual Meeting 2022 in Wernigerode) has made provisions for this eventuality. Below he has compiled worthwhile excursion destinations from his personal point of view especially for you.

Spirits manufacture Hammerschmiede

Hammerschmiede: Destille (Foto Hercynian Distilling Co.)
Hammerschmiede: Destille

If you appreciate an excellent whiskey, gin or fruit brandy from the Harz region and want to know where and how they are made, I recommend a visit to the Hercynian Distilling Co. / Hammerschmiede:

Elsbach 11A
37445 Walkenried OT Zorge
Tel .: 05586 - 82 82
Fax: 05586 - 17 80

Various guided tours can be taken during the opening hours. The visit can be booked 8-12 weeks in advance on the Hammerschmiede website.

City of Stolberg in the southern Harz

Fachwerkstadt Stolberg (Copyright: Werbe- u. Verkehrsgemeinschaft Stolberg Harz e.V.)
Fachwerkstadt Stolberg

Do you like the idyll of the Harz half-timbered towns? Then I recommend a visit to the award-winning half-timbered town of Stolberg in the southern Harz. It is the first historical European city but also Thomas Münzer city and climatic health resort. A visit to the castle and the ?Alte Münze? museum are particularly recommended. For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend a visit to the FRIWI biscuit factory.

You can find more information on the website of the city of Stolberg.

Stave Church in Goslar

Stabkirche in Hahnenklee bei Goslar (Foto H.-U. von Grabowski, Meine)
Stabkirche bei Goslar
Stabkirche in Hahnenklee bei Goslar (Foto H.-U. von Grabowski, Meine)

Do you love Norway and admire its beautiful wooden churches? You don't have to travel to Norway to visit such a church. A wonderful example can be found in the Hahnenklee-Bockswiese district of the city of Goslar. It's worth a visit. For more information, see the stave church website.

Address: Stave Church, Prof.-Mohrmann-Weg 1, 38644 Hahnenklee

Gernrode: clock museum and collegiate church

Uhrenmuseum (Foto: H.-U. von Grabowski, Meine)
Stiftskirche St. Cyriakus (Foto: H.-U. von Grabowski, Meine)
Selketalbahn (Foto: H.-U. von Grabowski, Meine)

Are you a fan of wall clocks and especially cuckoo clocks? You don't have to travel to the Black Forest for this. The Harz clock museum in Gernrode, a district of Quedlinburg, houses the largest cuckoo clock outside of the Black Forest. Not only the museum but also the production of cuckoo clocks can be seen in the factory. Of course you can also buy the watches there.

Another highlight in Gernrode is the collegiate church of St. Cyriakus, a jewel of the Romanesque. The Holy Sepulcher inside the church is the oldest surviving replica of Christ's tomb in Jerusalem north of the Alps. Since 2013, it has again been accessible to small groups as part of a special guided tour.

And how do you get there? For those who are nostalgic about the railway, take the Harzquerbahn from Wernigerode to the Eisfelder Talmühle and from there on with the Selketalbahn via stairs and Alexisbad to Gernrode.

Wild and romantic Bodetal

Bodetal (Foto: H.-U. von Grabowski, Meine)
Bodetal (Foto: H.-U. von Grabowski, Meine)

Do you walk well, like to hike and would you like to hike through a real canyon for once? But the Grand Canyon is too far away for you? Then I recommend you to hike through the wild and romantic Bodetal from Treseburg to Thale. For ten kilometers, the Bode, which rises on the Brocken, cut up to 280 m deep into the hard Ramberg granite. At the end of the hike there is a quaint restaurant and not far away you can take the cable car to the Hexentanzplatz above Thale. From here you have a fantastic view over the gorge. You can get back to Treseburg by bus or on foot on the comfortable high path.

Ilsenburg and Drübeck Abbey

Kloster Drübeck (Foto: H.-U. von Grabowski, Meine)
Kloster Drübeck
Kloster Drübeck (Foto: H.-U. von Grabowski, Meine)
Kloster Drübeck

Are you looking for a worthwhile destination without having to drive far? Then take a look around in Wernigerode's neighboring town of Ilsenburg. The town center and the trout pond with the adjacent 5-star hotel "Zu den Rothen Forellen" are particularly picturesque, in whose restaurant you can dine excellently. Not far away is the former Benedictine Abbey of Ilsenburg Monastery. Exhibitions of modern art are presented in the dormitory. A hiking trail that leads to Drübeck Abbey turns right near this monastery. In addition to the monastery church, the gardens, which are part of the tourism project "Garden Dreams - Historic Parks in Saxony-Anhalt", and a natural monument, are impressive. This is the summer linden tree planted in the cloister courtyard around 1730. This almost 300 year old "monastery linden tree" has a trunk circumference of 5.56 meters!

Apropos "hiking": A hike along the Ilsetal to its cascade-shaped waterfalls and from there on to the Waldgasthaus Plessenburg is also very worthwhile.

Michaelstein Monastery

Kloster Michaelstein
Kloster Michaelstein

The former Cistercian monastery Michaelstein is a place of cultural diversity around nature, monastery history and music on the Romanesque Road. The ambience of the monastery alone is worth a visit.

The museum is a tourist attraction next to the Saxony-Anhalt Music Academy. With every visit you can discover something new all year round: Whether on a monastery tour through history, garden and music or in the numerous workshops for young and old.

In addition to the museum, Michaelstein offers numerous events, an extensive media collection and a music academy.

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