2018 Weimar

Senior chemist 2018 in Weimar - chemistry between classic and modern

Leonardo-Hotel in Weimar
Leonardo-Hotel in Weimar

The 7th SEC annual meeting took place from May 2-4, 2018 in Weimar. The venue for the Conference was the Leonardo Hotel in Weimar. 208 participants had registered for the Conference . The concept of a "conference hotel" instead of a congress center has proven its worth. Weimar was the Conference of short distances.

The participants rated the Conference as very good to excellent! The selection of lectures, the overall organization (SEC and GDCh conference team) and Weimar as the conference location (all with an average grade of 1.1!) Stand out in particular. With two exceptions, the average of all ratings is below 2.0. We have made a good choice with the Leonardo Hotel. The response rate for the reviews was approx. 50%!

A report on the Conference and selected photos will appear here shortly.

Supporting program

The lectures on the afternoon of May 2nd were supplemented in the evening by a Thuringian evening, a sociable get-together to get to know each other. After the lectures on Thursday morning (May 3), city and themed tours took place in Weimar in the afternoon. This was followed by a festive evening with an evening lecture (Dagmar Schipanski) and a banquet. On Friday morning (May 4th) there were lectures again, but this time with students whom we had invited with their teachers from the Weimar area.


Posters were presented throughout the event. They came from young chemists, young food chemists and seniors.


Wednesday May 2, 2018

The PDF files of the slides or other material offered here are only intended for personal use!

Chemistry as a problem solver for global change: by seniors and juniors Markus Antonietti PDF
4.9 MB
World economy without fossil raw materials: Illusion, vision and reality - securing mobility in an aging society Martin Bertau PDF
1.3 MB
Possibilities of cancer therapy in old age with targeted agents Andreas skyscraper PDF
4.8 MB
Plastic batteries for future generations Ulrich S. Schubert Abstract
From the depths of the mountains to the nebulous stars of space - Goethe and the natural sciences * Volker Hesse Abstract

Thursday May 3, 2018

Artificial bodies from the test tube - solutions for an aging society Thomas Scheper PDF
5.9 MB
Demographic change - a major challenge for modern biomedical diagnostics Jürgen Popp PDF
17.7 MB
Consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry Axel Kleemann PDF
1 MB
Evolution in Synthesis: A New Generation of Manufacturing Processes by Combining Chemo- and Biocatalysis Harald Gröger Abstract
Research and education for shaping the future of Germany - our generational mission Dagmar Schipanski Abstract

Friday 4th May 2018

Chemical defense in leaf beetles: a model system for evolution and adaptation Wilhelm Boland PDF
3.2 MB
Possibilities of detecting doping-relevant substances in youth and senior sports Mario Thevis Abstract
Dude, the laboratory has shrunk Detlev Belder Abstract
Chili - some like it spicy - even in old age? Klaus Roth PDF
1.8 MB

* The publication by Volker Hesse "Goethe's Jena Science Teachers and Partners" is largely congruent with the lecture by V. Hesse. It can be ordered from the Institute for the History of medicine at the University of Jena for a nominal fee of 3 euros; eMail address: heike.schaft@med.uni-jena.de.

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