SEC Lecturer

SEC Lecturer 2021/2022

The SEC Lecturer is a proven senior expert with many years of in-depth knowledge of chemistry, pharmacy or food chemistry. The SEC Lecturer can skillfully and entertainingly present topics of general interest from these areas and is thus an enrichment for GDCh local colloquia.

Local association chairmen who are interested in special or interdisciplinary and general lectures as well as excellent lecturers with many years of professional and life experience can contact the speakers directly and arrange a lecture date. Travel expenses are borne by the inviting party. There are no fees.

As SEC lecturer for 2021/2022 we were able to win the following experts for lecture events: Prof. Dr. Jörn Müller, Dr. Dieter Kunz and Dr. Ekkehard Schwab.

Professor Dr. Jörn Müller

Prof. Dr. Jörn Müller

Jörn Müller is professor emeritus at the Technical University of Berlin. He has many years of experience in the field of organometallic basic research and analytical chemistry with a focus on mass spectrometry.
As a SEC Lecturer, Müller offers lectures on the following topics:


  • Art and chemistry - with the mobile X-ray laboratory through the museums
  • Nucleosynthesis - The Origin of the Elements

Dr. Dieter Kunz

Dr. Dieter Kunz

Dieter Kunz is an industrial chemist with a penchant for science. He has practical experience in the development, testing, production and marketing of thermosets for the aerospace industry, in the design and implementation of the treatment of industrial wastewater, in the up-scaling of soot recycling and in the application of new types of products based on carbon Nanotubes (CNT) and other carbon modifications.

As a SEC Lecturer, Kunz offers lectures on the following topics:


  • Carbon - real gold
  • Efficient, electric heating with carbon
  • Fiber composite materials - efficient materials based on nature's example
  • When does an investment pay off? Dealing with Risk
  • How can you calculate the IR absorption of CO2 with "on-board means"?
  • Plastic waste: knowledge and speculation
  • Energy efficiency through material selection

For more information on the lectures by Dieter Kunz: see speakers

Dr. Ekkehard Schwab

Dr. Ekkehard Schwab

Ekkehard Schwab spent his professional life in central research at BASF SE in Ludwigshafen. He has many years of experience in the development of heterogeneous catalysts for large-scale petrochemical processes.

As a SEC Lecturer, Schwab offers lectures on the following topics from the perspective of the industrial chemist:


  • Energy, our elixir of life - where does it come from, where does it go?
  • Change in the use of raw materials for the chemical industry
  • Industrial catalysis - a decisive success factor for the chemical industry

For more information on the lectures by Ekkehard Schwab: see speakers

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