Ekkehard Schwab

Energy our elixir of life - where it comes from, where it goes

online lecture by Ekkehard Schwab on May 18, 2021, 2 pm-3pm

Moderation: Klaus-Dieter Jany

No life without energy. For millennia, renewable raw materials, hydropower and wind energy have been the only sources of energy for human development. However, the amount of energy available was always limited despite its increasingly efficient use. This changed dramatically after James Watt's steam engine made it possible to exploit seemingly unlimited coal reserves. Technologies for oil and natural gas production were added later. The excessive use of these sources has meanwhile changed the composition of the earth's atmosphere in such a way that serious climatic changes can be expected globally. The lecture shows which dimensions have to be mastered in the global conversion of the fossil energy system to a sustainable one again.


Ekkehard Schwab

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