Eberhard Ehlers

Women in science

How feminine is science? Does the Nobel Prize need a quota for women?

online lecture by Eberhard Ehlers on January 19, 2021, 2 pm-3pm

Moderation: Klaus-Peter Jäckel

At the turn of the century it was hardly possible for women to penetrate the domains of men. Abitur and university studies were largely a male privilege. With acquired knowledge, a lot of persistence, a high degree of moral courage and immense hard work, some women achieved the highest educational qualifications. Not infrequently they came from wealthy families and often had male colleagues as sponsors. Some women worked as teachers, but only a few found their way into the natural sciences. Today we will talk about such strong women who have left their mark on the natural sciences - but also about women who failed and whose life-long work was not recognized and appreciated.

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Eberhard Ehlers

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