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Senior chemists share their knowledge

Bringing your members closer to current scientific topics in understandable language is a trademark of the Division of Senior Expert Chemists. Unfortunately, Conferences and symposia are currently very limited. With the Online lecture series "Senior chemists share their knowledge" we are bringing this trademark to shine again. In addition, we draw from a treasure trove of over 100 generally understandable lectures by 36 speakers. These lectures are offered by the working group " Schule Bildung Beruf " as part of the project " School partnerships " for schools and other educational institutions.

A test run with a lecture by Eberhard Ehlers on "Women in the natural sciences" on January 19, 2021 was very promising. Then Klaus-Peter Jäckel conducted a survey among the participants. It produced a representative result and showed where we need to improve.

The lectures are offered every 3-4 weeks and are accompanied by a moderator. Eberhard Ehlers be responsible for planning, announcing the lecture and inviting, while Klaus-Peter Jäckel organize the zoom room. The SEC board members moderate the presentations. Interested parties can inquire at Eberhard Ehlers about the zoom link for the lecture in question; a further registration for the lecture is not required.

The lecture series is successful; We have long since passed the 100 audience mark, and we are reaching an audience that we would not otherwise have reached. Yes, we even have a poem about it!

The following lectures are currently planned for 2021 (Tuesdays at 2 p.m.):

01/19/2021 Eberhard Ehlers Women in science


Klaus-Dieter Jany

Genetic engineering in everyday life - not just when it comes to vaccination

3 p.m. - 4 p.m.!

Thomas Brock

Modern, environmentally friendly types of paint - production, properties, areas of application


Dieter Kunz

Plastic Waste - Knowledge and Speculation


Ekkehard Schwab

Energy is our elixir of life - where it comes from, where it goes


Gerhard Kreysa

Strategies, visions and illusions to save the climate


Gisela Boeck

"You will have received my little atomic swindle" - Julius Lothar Meyer (1830-1895) - His life and work

02.09.2021 Klaus-Dieter Jany

"CRISPR / Cas and Co" - The new methods for modifying genetic information - Quo vadis? - Is the EU losing ground in science and business?


Klaus-Dieter Franz

Music for the eye - color, shine and function of modern color pigments

October 19, 2021 Hartwig Muller

Small molecules, big effects - trace gases in the atmosphere


Helmut Ritter

Sweet Cyclodextrins - Artful host-guest chemistry and practical applications

Opus poeticus: Senior chemists share their knowledge


What would the world be without chemistry
it would be dreary and empty.
There would be no seniors that
could explain once more
what atoms and molecules are
and how they react
and what is fast in nature
so anything can happen.
You know it in chemistry
not always stinks and cracks,
because mostly happens somehow
assembly and dismantling quietly and gently.

The number of SEC experts is large,
the undaunted and without complaint
in universities, schools, kindergartens
bring their knowledge to market there,
thus explain what the world
holds together at heart.

Also comes in the company of colleagues


especially in corona times
the offer is not inconvenient
to disseminate their knowledge ad hoc.
From genetic engineering to the climate crisis
of trace gases, paint selection
our wide expertise is enough,
completely virtual and digital.
With Crispr / Cas biochemistry
comes up, and then at the end
the elixir of energy
Cyclodextrins, color pigments.

Once you were a chemist
mostly male, but from now on
one sees more or less:
The eternal feminine draws us on high.
Is known and not entirely unimportant:
Who only knows something about chemistry,
does not understand this subject quite correctly either
and easily get on the wrong track.

Roland Bitsch

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Please contact Eberhard Ehlers. He will be happy to send you the link to the meeting.

Next lecture: 02.09.2021, 2 p.m.

Klaus-Dieter Jany:
CRISPR / Cas and Co

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