Theodor-Förster Memorial Lectureship

Theodor-Förster Memorial Lectureship of the GDCh Division of Photochemistry

Theodor Förster (1910-1974)

In honor of Theodor Förster (1910-1974), the GDCh Division of Photochemistry and the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry usually award the Theodor-Förster Memorial Lectureship every two years to personalities who have outstanding scientific achievements and special merits at the In the field of photochemistry. The name lecture is linked to an award certificate and an invitation to give three to four lectures. The first of these lectures will be held following the award ceremony on the occasion of the "Lecture Conference on Photochemistry", which will take place in even years. A selection committee appointed for this purpose, which represents the Division of Photochemistry and the German Bunsen Society, decides on the award of the award.

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Theodor-Förster Memorial Lectureship 1975ff

year Surname Institute
2020 No award
2018 Prof. Dr. Michael Graetzel

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

2016 Prof. Dr. Douglas C. Neckers

Perrysburg, Ohio

2014 Prof. Dr. Ben L. Feringa

University of Groningen

2012 Prof. JC Scaiano

University of Ottawa

2010 Prof. Miguel A. Miranda

Universidad Politecnica Valencia

2008 Prof. Masahiro Irie

University, Tokyo

2007 Prof. Dr. Gion Calzaferri

University of Bern

2005 Prof. Nicholas J. Turro

Columbia University, New York

2003 Prof. Dr. Jakob Wirz

University of Basel

2001 Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Kurt Schaffner

Max Planck Institute, Mülheim

1999 Prof. Dr. Frans De Schryver

University of Leuven

1997 Dietmar Möbius Goettingen
1995 Waldemar Adam Wurzburg
1993 Jan W. Verhoeven Amsterdam
1991 Fritz P. Schäfer Goettingen
1989 Zbigniew R. Grabowski Warsaw
1987 Albert Weller Goettingen
1975 George Porter London

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