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The GDCh Division of Photochemistry has existed since 1971 and has around 340 members. Your goals in the field of photochemistry and its border areas are:


  • to promote the exchange of ideas among experts and to convey technical suggestions,
  • to maintain relationships with relevant organizations abroad,
  • to anchor or strengthen subject-related teaching in chemical education at universities,
  • act as a link between industrial development and academic research,
  • to promote the next generation of scientists ...

Current focus of work
The field of work represented by the Division is interdisciplinary and includes sub-areas of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. In addition to these classic topics, there are overarching focal points:

Photochemical syntheses
- fine chemicals
- Singlet oxygen catalysis

Mechanistic photochemistry
- spectroscopy
- sensors
- quantum chemistry

Photochemistry in Biology and medicine
- photodynamic therapy
- Photosynthesis and light-driven bioprocesses
- fluorescent markers

Photochemistry in Technology
- wastewater treatment
- lithography
- Solar energy conversion and storage
- Optical information recording and processing
- 3D printing

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Dr. Carina S. Kniep
Tel .: +49 69 7917-499

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