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University innovation award Division of Patent Law - NEW

The Division of Patent Law University innovation award innovations honors innovations from the university environment that have been patented and represent significant technical progress.

The award-winning invention should meet the following criteria:


  • The invention was made with significant participation by university inventors from a German university; ie at least one inventor must have been working at a German university at the time of the invention; and has been patented (granted active patent either in Germany or at at least one IP5 patent office).
  • The invention falls into the field of chemistry or pharmacy (in case of doubt, the patent classification is taken into account).
  • The invention leads to an innovation that promises / realizes significant technical progress. This can be made clear, for example, through products, through the exploitation of the invention as part of a company foundation (start-up / spin-off) or the granting of a license.

The prize is advertised every two years and awarded at a specialist group event or the GDCh Science Forum for Chemistry.


year invention awardee
2021 Hydrogenation catalysts for the production of fluorinated aliphatic compounds from aromatic precursors (EP 3 601 203) Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius, Munster;
Dr. Mario Wiesenfeldt, Münster;
Dr. Zackariah Nairoukh, Jerusalem / ISR


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