MedChemINterACTION: Workshops of the GDCh Division of Medicinal Chemistry

The Division workshops open up forums for interaction. Researchers from industry and academia use the workshops to exchange experiences and discuss future challenges and current topics in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.

MedChemINterACTION 2018

Quelle: Dr. Franz von Nussbaum

24./25. May 2018 in Berlin


"Future Medicinal Chemistry" Excellence Workshop 2012

21.-23. January 2012 at Seeon Abbey

Which future challenges and innovative topics will be of interest for medicinal chemistry was the subject of an intensive scientific exchange of ideas from 21.-23. January 2012 at Seeon Abbey. The two-day "Future Medicinal Chemistry" Excellence Workshop was organized under the leadership of the GDCh Division of Medicinal Chemistry and with the participation of the Pharmaceutical / medicinal chemistry Division of the German Pharmaceutical Society and the Swiss Chemical Society.

In Seeon's monastic seclusion, keynote speeches on future-oriented topics in medicinal chemistry set the stimulating framework for an in-depth scientific discussion between the interdisciplinary participants from chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacy and medicine . The balanced field of participants consisting of successful and aspiring working group leaders / (junior) professors and experienced people from academia and industry offered an excellent basis for a lively exchange of generations and the best opportunities for networking. As a kind of pilot event, this workshop could also serve as a stimulus for other Divisions in the future.

Representing the organizing committee: Karl-Heinz Altmann (SCS-FG), Peter Ettmayer, Stefan Laufer (DPhG-FG), Eckhard Ottow (GDCh-FG), Daniel Rauh, Ulrich Stilz and Herbert Waldmann

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