Awards & Honors

Awards & Honors from the GDCh Division of Medicinal Chemistry

PhD Award

Since 2013, the GDCh Division of Medicinal Chemistry awarding up to three prizes for outstanding doctorates in the fields of medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry each year. The award is combined with an award certificate, a prize money of 500 euros each donated by the Division and a short lecture on the award-winning work as part of the Divisions annual conference "Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry".

PhD Award awardees

Innovation Award

The GDCh Division of Medicinal Chemistry together with the Pharmaceutical / medicinal chemistry Division of the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG) awards the Innovation Award for medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. The Young Scientist Award recognizes outstanding scientific publications and results in the fields of medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. Associated with the award are an award certificate and prize money of 5000 euros donated by the two Divisions . The award takes place during the annual conference "Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry". The prize can also be shared.

Innovation Award awardees

Poster prices

On the occasion of the Division conference "Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry", the Division awards a limited number of poster prizes each year.


EFMC Award 2018 - Prof. Dr. Christa Müller

Nauta Pharmacochemistry Award for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Prof. Christa Müller - University of Bonn, Germany

"For her extensive contribution to the field of adenosine and purinergic receptors, from the design of novel ligands to the study of their therapeutic potential, and for her support of the European Medicinal Chemistry community. Dr. Müller is a highly cited scientist who has developed a number of tool compounds now used by many labs around the world. She has set up numerous international collaborations, and is a co-founder of the Pharmacenter in Bonn. Her noted contributions to the Medicinal Chemistry community include continued editorial and advisory duties, educational initiatives, and the organization of international conferences. "

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