Otto-Stern Award

Otto-Stern Award of the GDCh Division of Magnetic Resonance

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In honor of Otto Stern, whose work to prove spin quantization created the basic prerequisites for the use of magnetic resonance, and to honor the professional life's work of internationally outstanding personalities in the field of magnetic resonance, the GDCh Division of Magnetic Resonance established the Otto-Stern Award a. The award is given at irregular intervals at most once a year. It is equipped with an award certificate, a trophy and invitations to a celebratory lecture as part of the Division conference and to a festive dinner. The Division Board board decides on the award of the prize.

Guidelines for awarding the Otto Stern Prize

Current call for proposals for entries: Otto-Stern Award 2023

Submission deadline: January 7, 2023

Since 2020, the Division of Magnetic Resonance of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) has been awarding the Otto-Stern Award at irregular intervals, at most once a year, in recognition of the professional life’s work of internationally outstanding personalities in the field of magnetic resonance. The prize is awarded in memory of Otto Stern, whose work on demonstrating spin quantization created the fundamental prerequisites for the use of magnetic resonance.

The price
The award comes with a certificate of award, a trophy and an invitation to a celebratory dinner. The award ceremony usually takes place during the Division's discussion conference. After the award ceremony, the award awardee should give a keynote address. The Division Board board decides on the award of the prize.

People can be nominated who have made extraordinary scientific contributions to magnetic resonance in their lifetime work, from which the Division or its members have benefited. All members of the Division are entitled to nominate; Self-nominations are not possible. All proposals consist of an informal appreciation of the special professional merits and a curriculum vitae (including contact details). Each nomination will be considered for the current application year and two subsequent years.

Please send all proposals electronically and summarized in a PDF file to the GDCh Office , attention Maike Fries.

Otto-Stern Award 2020

The first Otto-Stern Award of the Magnetic Resonance Division was given to Prof. Dr. hc mult. Tony Keller awarded in recognition of his fundamental and extraordinary contributions to the development of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy - from noise decoupling and the introduction of pulse Fourier spectroscopy in commercial spectrometers to superconducting magnets and fully digitized spectrometers to cryo-heads and high-field spectrometers - the NMR- Spectroscopy opened up a broad scientific application in Germany and the world and thus made a decisive contribution to the establishment of NMR spectroscopy in chemistry as well as bio and materials science .

The Otto-Stern Award 2020 commemorates the discovery of directional quantization in the spin states "up" and "down". Tony Keller has led the development of NMR spectroscopy in the "up" direction.

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