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"The division has set itself the task of promoting the scientific progress of magnetic resonance methods. It is intended to create a forum for contact between all scientists working in the field of magnetic resonance at the university, in industry and at other institutions at home and abroad Abroad, whereby the exchange of ideas and experiences between chemists, physicists and biologists in accordance with the interdisciplinary character of the methods is of particular importance. " (Quote from the rules of procedure of the division)

This task of the division Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Spectroscopy (FGMR) has steadily gained in importance since its foundation in 1978 due to the ever increasing importance of NMR, EPR and NQR in chemistry, Physics, Biology, Medicine and materials research. As part of the German Chemical Society , the FGMR sees itself as an interdisciplinary group that seeks proximity to Physics, Biology and Medicine . The approx. 470 members from industry and research came together in the FGMR to represent the interests of MR in scientific committees and to maintain contact with other organizations. Through the work of members in European and international committees, the division is involved in international events beyond its constitutional ties. Maintaining contact with European neighbors is of particular importance, which is why the annual discussion meetings are organized every two years with the involvement of colleagues from a neighboring country.

The activities of the FGMR include the annual discussion conference with contributions from all fields of magnetic resonance, various advanced training and information events offered by the GDCh, as well as special events organized by active members on particular key topics. The members' magazine MARS, which appears at irregular intervals, reports on individual activities.

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