Young food chemists

AG Young food chemistry (WG JLC)

Mission statement

The WG JLC is a working group / the youth organization of the Food Chemical Society (LChG) - Division in the German Chemical Society (GDCh).

We are the representatives of the students and doctoral candidates in the field of food chemistry at German universities. It is our concern to stand up for the interests of young academics on site and to promote communication between the universities. In order to achieve this goal, we are constantly expanding our established information network and trying to win as many students as possible to work in the LChG. Furthermore, we want to make the job description of the food chemist better known and in this way improve career opportunities.

More information is available on the working group server.

Federal spokesman

Marcel Debong
Term of office: 2020-2021

Johanna Barz
Term of office: 2021-2022

More information at

Representative of the WG JLC in the LChG Board

LM-Chem. Maike Arndt
University of Hamburg
Institute of food chemistry


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