working group on pesticides

The working group currently consists of 20 active members who come from official surveillance, federal authorities, trade laboratories, the food industry and research institutions. The more than 60 corresponding members also represent the entire spectrum of the food chemistry society.

Head of the working group


LM-Chem. Andreas Hentschel
Institute Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH
Oudenarder Str. 16
13347 Berlin
Phone: 030-4579893-146


Dr. Iris Suckrau
Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection
and food safety


Dr. Sabine Bracht
Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office Münster

Term of office 2019-2021

Tasks and goals of the Working Group Pesticides


  • Ensuring and increasing the quality of residue examinations
  • Recommendations for sampling and preparation in connection with residue analysis
  • Participation in the development and validation of analysis methods
  • Advice to specialist colleagues on analytical and legal issues
  • Collection of data to estimate the pesticide contamination of certain foods, responsible: LM-Chem. Andreas Hentschel, Berlin
  • Statements on national and European legislative initiatives
  • Execution of quality assurance interlaboratory tests or laboratory comparison tests with analytically interesting active ingredient / matrix combinations
  • Organization and implementation of training events

Current issues


  • Quality requirements and criteria that have to be placed on a (pesticide) residue laboratory
  • Analysis of newly approved plant protection products
  • Carrying out recovery tests
  • Critical active ingredients
  • New version of the QuEChERS method

Position and basic papers


  • Information and interpretation of measurement results - Revision 2 - 2020 ( PDF )
  • Legal Assessment of Plant Protection Product Residues in Processed Foods: Consideration of Processing Factors - 2018 ( PDF )
  • Recommendation for the preparation of new equipment purchases ("Design Qualification") - 2016 ( PDF )
  • Unambiguous monitoring of the maximum residue level of Folpet is not possible - 2016 ( PDF )

100th meeting (fixed meeting)

On April 22, 1968, the constituent meeting was the working group "pesticides" the former Division of "food chemistry and Chemical court" under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Dr. Diemair in Frankfurt / M. instead of. At that time, the working group consisted of three representatives each from universities, industry and food testing institutes, two freelance chemists and an employee of the then Federal Health Office. The first tasks of the newly founded AG included the elaboration of the implementation provisions of the national maximum amount regulation for pesticide residues that came into force in 1968 and the development of a recommendation on pesticide analysis with information on the equipment of a pesticide laboratory, sampling and coordination with other offices.

In the meantime, the AG ?pesticides? has developed into the largest and oldest AG of the Food Chemical Society with around 20 active and almost 50 corresponding members. The meetings usually take place twice a year. The 100th meeting this year will take place on November 11th and 12th in Kassel. On the occasion of this anniversary, the members of the ?pesticides? working group decided to design this meeting as a festive meeting.

Active members, former active members and corresponding members are invited to the ceremony. The program of the festive meeting includes various festive lectures, which, in addition to the historical development, will reflect the different areas of work of the working group. In the evening, an exchange of information in good company with all participants is planned.

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