milk and dairy products

working group on milk and dairy products

Composition of the AG


  • Investigation offices
  • Commercial laboratories
  • Dairy teaching, research and research institutes
  • Universities, Federal Research Institute
  • Industry, Dairy Industry Association

Main topics

Analytical topics


  • Is the phosphatide content suitable as an assessment criterion for adulteration of buttermilk?
  • Alcohol content of kefir
  • Analysis of wheat fibers
  • Detection of hydrogen peroxide in dairy products
  • Enzymatic determination of nitrates in cheese
  • Natamycin in cheese

Food law issues


  • Advertisement with clockwise lactic acid
  • Opinions on new regulations and legislative proposals that directly or indirectly affect milk and milk-based products, e.g. B. Regulation on maximum levels of mycotoxins in foods, revision of the guidelines for sweet desserts and related products, amendment of the Diet Regulation, amendment of the NKV

Evaluation and follow-up of new products and technologies


  • Probiotics and prebiotics (oligofructose, inulin)
  • Dairy products with added medicinal herbs
  • Milk sausage
  • Milk with added vitamins and minerals
  • Drinking whey - whey powder with sweetener and flavor



  • Food law assessment of novel foods - development of common positions
  • Analysis of novel foods

    Control of the ingredients
    Proof of advertised components with functional properties
    Development of suitable parameters / methods for investigating products from new technologies
  • Further education events to convey the state of the art in science and technology

Head of the working group


Dr. Daniel Kern
State Office for Consumer Protection
Freiimfelder Str. 66-68
06112 hall
Tel .: 0345 5643315


Dr. Friedrich Kick
Karwendel Works (Buchloe)


Dr. Detmar Lehmann
Landesbetrieb Hess Landeslabor Kassel

Term of office 2021-2023

Position papers


  • Position paper of the Food Chemical Society on the information "lactose-free" and "low-lactose" (2018) ( pdf ) Appendix ( pdf )
  • Vanilla in dairy products (March 2011) ( pdf )


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