working group on liquors

Objectives of the working group on liquors


  • Exchange of information on the production, composition and labeling of liquors and any problems associated with them
  • Development of compromise solutions with regard to the legal assessment of spirits and beverages containing liquors
  • Statements on legislative projects and changes to existing legal regulations at EC and national level regarding spirits and beverages containing liquors
  • Preparation of position papers on current issues


18 active and 12 corresponding members from the areas of research and teaching, monitoring, industry and freelance food chemists

Head of the working group


Nicole Oschwald
SGS Inst. Fresenius
Roederstrasse 8-10
79104 Freiburg
Tel .: 0761 / 29648-20

Deputy Chairman

Dr. Jürgen Hornemann
Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH, Freyburg


Johannes Fuchs
Experimental and educational institute for brewery
in Berlin (VLB) eV

Term of office 2020 - 2022

Topics of the last meetings

The topics of the last session included the following:


  • The BMELV representative invited as a guest reported on new or planned legal spirits regulations; In doing so, both the EU law, in particular the implementing regulation for "compound terms" and the EU food information regulation, as well as the national spirits law (AGeV) and the technical documents to be drawn up for geographically protected information (here in particular grain / Kornbrand) reported; The changes for the alcohol and spirits market with regard to the abolition of the spirits monopoly from January 1, 2018 were also briefly discussed.
  • Examples of compound terms with regard to the future implementation regulation; a collection of examples is encouraged
  • Whiskey: Production using the wort method
  • Legal issues relating to labeling, e.g. B. "Vugelbeerpunsch", fruit spirit with fruit extract, mixture of fruit distillates
  • Old bread brandy: name, raw materials used, manufacturing conditions
  • Permissible additives for liquors
  • Limits for plasticizers
  • Use of antibiotics
  • Status of European data collection to establish a guideline value for ethyl carbamate
  • New elections of the chairman, his deputy and the secretary

Position papers


  • Application of the Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 716/2013 with regard to the labeling of liquors and other foodstuffs with compound terms or with allusions (2015) ( pdf )
  • Ethyl carbamate in stone fruit spirits (2006, updated 2010) ( pdf )
  • Application of the amended liquors Regulation (EC) No. 110/2008 ( pdf )
    Here: Use of so-called "compound terms" (decision trees)
    developed by the LChG Working Group Liquors together with the BMELV


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