fruit juices and beverages containing fruit juice

working group on fruit juices and beverages containing fruit juice

In autumn 2002 a laboratory comparison test for ochratoxin A in grape juice was carried out among the members of the working group. The results are published here.

Head of the working group


Jan Dirk Post
Coca Cola GmbH
Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
Stralauer Allee 4
10245 Berlin
Telephone: 030 22606-9784


Dr. Christian Sprenger
Faethe Labor GmbH Paderborn


Bjorn Balders
Office for Consumer Protection, Mettmann
Term of office 2018 - 2020

Position and basic papers

Interpretation aid "Clean Labeling" (2014) ( pdf ) Position paper on the flavoring of fruit juice beverages (2007) ( pdf )


Annual report 2020

Annual report 2019

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Annual report 2017

Annual report 2016

2015 annual report

2014 annual report

2013 annual report

Annual report 2012

2011 annual report

Annual report 2010

Annual report 2009

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