food laboratories

food laboratories working group


Food chemists from private non-official food laboratories and other organizational units (NGOs) who are active in management positions in the interests of active consumer protection and food safety - including advisory services


Exchange of information and ideas on current topics in the food industry, food inspection and food monitoring, quality management and nutritional issues

Technical discussions on the following topics


  • Consumer protection and food safety
  • Crisis management
  • nutritional issues
  • Food grade
  • Allergens and thresholds
  • Novel Food, Health Claims VO
  • Hygiene management, quality management
  • Official controls to check compliance with food and feed law (General Administrative Regulation Framework Monitoring - AVVRÜb)

Promotion of cooperation between the working groups


  • Food laboratories
  • Food economy
  • Food surveillance
  • quality management and hygiene
  • nutritional issues



Dipl.LM.Chem. Isabel White
Limbach Analytics GmbH
Laboratory location Dresden
Bamberger Str. 7
01187 Dresden
0351 4967444


Dr. Katrin Hoenicke

Term of office 2021-2023

Position papers

Position paper of the Food Chemical Society on mandatory reporting for laboratories, status October 2019 ( pdf )


Annual report 2020

Annual report 2019

Annual report 2018

Annual report 2017

Annual report 2016

2015 annual report

2014 annual report

2013 annual report

Annual report 2012

2011 annual report

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