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The working group was founded in 2003. The reason for the establishment was less the existence of a very specific question, but rather the knowledge that this area, which traditionally belongs to the field of activity of food chemists, has received too little attention from the LChG.

Another reason for the new activities was of course the recent emphasis placed on the close connection between food and feed by the European and national legislators.

The focus of the working group is on topics that connect feed and food, such as food and feed law and questions of feed analysis.


The working group currently has 14 members from the following areas:


  • Official surveillance
  • Independent testing laboratories
  • Universities

Head of the working group


Dr. Susanne Pieper
State laboratory Berlin-Brandenburg
Institute for Food, Medicines, Animal Diseases and the Environment
Rudower Chaussee 39
12489 Berlin

Tel .: 030 39784-490

Deputy Chairman

Dr. Holger Hrenn
University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart


Dr. Claudia Partschefeld

Term of office 2021-2023

Position papers and publications


  • University training for food chemists in the field of feed (poster, 2018) ( pdf )
  • University training for food chemists in the field of feed (2014) ( pdf)
  • Are the legal requirements for feed analysis still up to date? (2007) ( pdf )
  • On the analysis spectrum in the National Control Program for Feed Safety (2005) ( pdf )


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