cereal-based foods

cereal-based foods Based Food working group

Work area

cereal-based foods include all foods whose main components, which determine their value and character, are products made from grain - these are essentially grain foods, bread, fine baked goods and pasta.

The working group currently comprises 17 active and 19 corresponding members. The members come from the areas


  • Examination facilities of the official food control
  • Commercial laboratories
  • Manufacturers and associations
  • Scientific institutes

Head of the working group


Alexander Meyer-Kretschmer
Association of German large bakeries registered association
Vogelsanger Weg 111
40470 Düsseldorf
Tel .: 0211/653086
Email: meyer-kretschmer@grossbaecker.de


Dr. Georg Zurhelle
Nuremberg Castle Lebkuchen GmbH & Co. KG
Kreuzbergerstrasse 12th
90471 Nuremberg
Email: Gzurhelle@web.de


LM-Chem. Melanie Bauermann
Email: i.bauermann@web.de

Term of office: 2020-2022

Tasks and goals of the working group

Exchange of information on scientific standpoints, technical knowledge, food law assessments from the various areas with the aim of aligning with a uniform current state of knowledge and the greatest possible approximation of the positions of the areas represented. This applies in particular to:


  • Observation of the latest case law in food law, especially with regard to cereals, baked goods and pasta
  • Statement on the changes to the guidelines for bread and biscuits, pasta and fine baked goods of the German Food Book Commission (guidelines)
  • Development and publication of recommendations in cooperation with the manufacturers' associations concerned
    (see: http://www.wissensforum-backwaren.de )
  • Elaboration and publication of definitions
    on certain cereal products (e.g. muesli) in cooperation with the DLG, on fine baked goods (e.g. croissants, almond croissants) and hygiene regulations for facilities in sales outlets (e.g. self-service systems for unpackaged bread and rolls)
    The definition of "muesli" is published in the annually published "DLG test regulations for bread, fine baked goods, cereal foods and confectionery". These can be requested by email: backwarenwettbewerbe@dlg-frankfurt.de.
  • Scientific and legal assessment of novel manufacturing processes, especially taking into account the relevant guidelines (e.g. reconstituted whole grain meal products)
  • Organization and implementation of advanced training courses on advances in technology, analysis and hygiene of food and developments in food law

Special activities


  • Definition and improvement of special analysis data and correlation factors for converting the content of valuable components (e.g. flour, milk, butter, eggs, cocoa) in recipes ( www.behrs.de )
  • Development and publication of position papers on current issues
  • Participation in the annual food law day of the Grain Research Working Group (Detmold) by proposing topics and lectures

Position papers and recommendations


  • Results from minutes of AG meetings 1998 - 2021 ( pdf )
  • Opinion on vegetable fibers (2016) ( pdf )
  • Baked goods from the stone oven (2015) ( pdf )
  • Recommendations for baking mixes for household use (2015) ( pdf )
  • Use of aluminum devices in the production of pretzel biscuits (February 2015) ( pdf )
  • International sales name for bread and baked goods (2014) ( pdf )


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