Biochemical and molecular biological analysis

Working Group Biochemical and molecular biological Analytics

The working group is made up of professionally competent members from surveillance and industry, research and trade laboratories and deals with analytical issues from the following areas:

DNA-based analysis
? Real-time PCR and other PCR-based methods
? Procedure for DNA sequencing (Sanger Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing)

Protein / peptide based analysis

Head of the working group


Dr. Ilka Haase
Head of NRZ Authent
Max Rubner Institute (MRI)
Federal Research Institute for
Diet and Groceries
E.-C.-Baumann-Str. 20th
95326 Kulmbach


Dr. Patrick Gürtler
Bavarian State Office for
Health and food safety
State Institute for Food,
Food hygiene and cosmetics, Oberschleißheim


Dr. Nobert Graf
State investigation office
Institute for food chemistry Trier

Term of office 2020 - 2022

Main topics

? Genetically modified / genome-edited organisms in food, feed and seeds
? Allergens in food
? authenticity of food
o Species identification (plant and animal species)
o External additives (e.g. soy protein in meat, ...)
? Novel foods (e.g. insects)

Position papers and statements


  • Methods for differentiating animal species in food (2016) ( pdf )
  • Detection method for food allergens (2015) ( pdf )
  • Threshold values for allergenic constituents in food - evaluation of the so-called VITAL concept from an analytical point of view (2009) ( pdf )
  • Current questions in GMO analysis (2005) ( pdf )

PCR analysis working groups

? Method development committee of the LAG (regional committee on genetic engineering)
Method development for the detection of genetically modified microorganisms or GMOs according to GenTG

Contact Person:
Mrs. Anke Belter
State Office for Environmental Protection Saxony-Anhalt
Reilstrasse 72
06114 Halle (Saale)

? AVID working group on Molecular Biological Methods in Animal Disease Diagnostics
Optimization and standardization of molecular biological examination procedures for AVID method collection
Organization of comparative examinations

Contact Person:
Dr. Wolfgang Gäde
State Veterinary and State Investigation Office
Haferbreiter Weg 132-135, 39576 Stendal

? DIN standards committee for food and agricultural products (NAL)
Standardization and standardization

Contact Person:
Dr. Tom Resler
DIN German Institute for Standardization V.
Saatwinkler Damm 42/43, 13627 Berlin

? Section 64 of the LFGB working group to develop methods for identifying foods produced using genetic engineering
Method development and validation

Contact Person:
PD Dr. Joachim Mankertz
Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety BVL
Section 503: "National reference laboratories for residues of pharmacologically active substances and GMOs"
P.O. Box 110260
10832 Berlin

? § 64 LFGB working group development of molecular biological methods for plant and animal species differentiation
Method development and validation

Contact Person:
Dr. Claudia Brünen-Nieweler
Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office Münsterland - Emscher - Lippe (CVUA-MEL)
Josef König Str. 40, 48147 Münster

? Section 64 of the LFGB - working group on Molecular Biological Methods - Microbiology
Method development and validation

Contact Person:
Dr. Dietrich Mäde
State Office for Consumer Protection Saxony-Anhalt, Food Safety Department
Freiimfelder Str. 68, 06112 Halle (Saale)

? Section 64 of the LFGB working group on food allergens
Method development and validation

Contact Person:
Dr. Ulrich Busch
Bavarian State Office for Health
and food safety
Veterinärstr. 2, 85764 Oberschleissheim

? working group PCR analysis of the Division feed in the VDLUFA
Method development and validation

Contact Person:
Dr. Sabine Domey
Thuringian State Agency for Agriculture (TLL)
Naumburger Str. 98, 07743 Jena

? European network for GMO laboratories (ENGL)
Validation, method development, harmonization of procedures

Contact person (in Germany):
Dr. Lutz Grohmann
Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety
Genetic Engineering Division 405 - Traceability, Verification Procedures, Biosafety Clearing House
Mauerstrasse 39-42, 10117 Berlin

? working group for food-associated viruses (ALV)
Expert group "Food Associated Viruses"

Contact Person
Prof. Dr. Becker
Technical University of Ostwestfalen-Lippe
Life Science Technologies
Campusallee 12, 32657 Lemgo

? Subcommittee "polymerase chain reaction for the detection of microorganisms"
Standardization of examination procedures

Contact Person:
Dr. Kornelia Berghof-Jäger
BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH
Hermannswerder Haus 17, 14473 Potsdam

? ERFA Molecular Biology working group (Switzerland)
Task (s) and sub-working groups:
GMO analysis / animal species differentiation / microorganisms / allergens

Contact Person:
Dr. Rene Köppel
Cantonal Laboratory Zurich
Fehrenstrasse 15
8032 Zurich (Switzerland)

? Microbiology and Molecular Biology Division (Austria)
Molecular biological methods (e.g. mycology)

Contact Person:
Dr. Andreas Adler
Working Group of Agricultural Research Centers in Austria (ALVA)
Austrian Agency for Health
and food security GmbH
Institute for Animal Nutrition and feed
Wieningerstraße 8, A 4021 Linz

Link collection on allergens

1) General (all topics) or start pages

EU information platform on food allergens:

US FDA Information about Food Allergens:

2) consumer information

German Nutritional Advice and Information Network (DEBInet):

3) Analytics

Activities from the MoniQA project:
https: /

4) allergen research

Officially recognized allergens:

Allergome information platform (not peer-reviewed):

FARRP allergen database (peer-reviewed):

Informall (EU project) database (peer-reviewed):

Allergen Data Collection (only maintained until 2002):

CSL allergen database:

5) More information on allergies / toxicological assessment

Action alliance for allergy prevention:


  • Screening table for quick detection of approved and non-approved genetically modified organisms (see also Deutsche Lebensmittel-Rundschau (2008) 104 (6), 261-264)

Link to the current table



  • Suppliers of Allergen Test Kits - Suppliers of Allergen Test Kits (ELISA and lateral flow) ( pdf )
  • Collection of methods for allergen analysis using PCR ( pdf )
  • Allergens in Food - Legal Basics and Detection Strategies
    Contribution of the working group to the " Aktuelle Wochenschau ", a GDCh project

Differentiation of animal species


  • Collection of methods for differentiating animal species using PCR ( pdf )
  • DNA analysis of food - on the trail of incorrectly declared fish
    Contribution to the "Aktuelle Wochenschau ", a GDCh project.


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