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Regional associations

In order to promote the professional and scientific exchange of ideas among its members, the Society of Food Chemistry into regional associations that hold scientific lectures at regular intervals.

The following regional associations currently exist:


  • Bavaria

  • North

  • Northeast

  • North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Southeast

  • southwest

Regional Association Chairperson


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Busch
Bavarian State Office for
Health and food safety
Veterinärstr. 2
85764 Oberschleissheim
Tel .: 089 31560-234


LM-Chem. Maximilian Wittig
German Tea Association eV
Solar instr. 28
20097 Hamburg
Tel. 040 2360160


Dr. Jörg Häseler
Hussitenstrasse 57
13355 Berlin
Tel. 030 4633763


Prof. Dr. Marcus Glomb
University of Halle-Wittenberg
Institute of Chemistry
food chemistry and environmental chemistry
Kurt-Mothes-Str. 2
06120 hall
Tel .: 0345 552-5731


PD Dr. Claudia Oellig
University of Hohenheim
Institute of food chemistry 170
Ecology center
Garbenstrasse 28
70599 Stuttgart
Tel .: 0711 459-24098

North Rhine-Westphalia

Prof. Dr. Melanie Esselen
Westphalian Wilhelms University
Institute of food chemistry
Corrensstrasse 45
48149 Munster
Tel .: 0251 83 33 396


GDCh Office
Maike Fries
Tel .: +49 69 7917-368

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