Board of the LChG (2020-2022)


Prof. Dr. Gerd Hamscher
University of Giessen
Institute of food chemistry
and food technology
Tel .: 0641 99-34950

Deputy Chairman

Dr. Ansgar Furthermore
Authority for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture - Institute for
Hygiene and the environment

for science

Prof. Dr. Matthias Wüst
University of Bonn
IEL bioanalytics / food chemistry

for the food industry

dr Bernd Brueger

for the freelance food chemist

Dr. Katrin Hoenicke
Eurofins Analytics GmbH

for food monitoring

Dr. Claudia Herles
State Office Dresden - Department 2
Unit 24.1 - Veterinary and
food monitoring

Editor-in-chief of the magazine food chemistry

Dr. Jörg Häseler

Representative of the WG JLC

LM-Chem. Maike Arndt
University of Hamburg

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