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Election of the head of the environmental monitoring At the general meeting of the environmental monitoring on February 14th, 2013 the new head of the group was elected. The vote resulted in the unanimous approval of the AK members present with voting rights for the persons standing for election with the abstention of the candidates. Prof. Dr. Winfried Schröder (University of Vechta, Chair of Landscape Ecology), Dr. K. Theo von der Trenck (LUBW State Institute for Environment, Measurements and Nature Conservation Baden-Württemberg, Karlsruhe), and Dr. Heinz Rüdel (Fraunhofer IME, environmental monitoring Business Unit, Schmallenberg). The candidates thanked them for the confidence they had shown and accepted the election. Next meetings of the working group environmental monitoring The following topics are planned for the next working group meetings:


  • June 2013: Investigation of rare earth elements in the Rhine (guest speaker: Prof. Michael Bau, Jacobs University Bremen)
  • November 2013: Use of passive collectors in water monitoring - project presentation, results of an international round robin test (Dr. Albrecht Paschke, Ufz Leipzig) Exact dates and meeting locations can be requested from Heinz Rüdel ( Guests are welcome at the meetings.

Minutes of the previous meetings of the Working Group environmental monitoring Protocols of the Working Group meetings are available on request from Heinz Rüdel, Topics of the last meetings:


  • The main topic of the meeting on February 14, 2013 was aspects of the environmental assessment of metals. First, Dr. Heinz Rüdel (Fraunhofer IME) presented the results of the project ?Sensitivity analysis of the existing concepts for the application of the bioligand model (BLM) for the derivation of environmental quality targets for metals and evaluation of the approaches with suitable monitoring data for Germany?, which was processed on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency. The aim of the work was to support the discussion of the possible use of user-friendly versions of bioligand models in routine monitoring programs of the water authorities in the context of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD). Then Dr. Thorsten Klawonn (Fraunhofer IME) Investigations into the availability of metals in aqueous media. Mr. Klawonn presented the transformation / dissolution test according to OECD guideline 29 (Transformation / Dissolution of Metals and Metal Compounds in aqueous media), some of which is required for chemical testing under REACH. The aim of the test is the standardized collection of data on transformation and solution behavior in order to be able to evaluate the ecotoxicological relevance of metals and metal compounds. This characterizes to what extent and at what speed metals or metal compounds form soluble ions or other metal-containing species in aqueous media. This then allows a risk assessment on the basis of the ecotoxicological data already known about the metal ions or species.
  • At the AK meeting on September 28, 2012 in Frankfurt, PD Dr. Thomas Letzel, Head of the analytical research group at the Chair of Urban Water Management at the Technical University of Munich in Garching, as a guest speaker on the topic of "non-target screening within the framework of the joint project RISK IDENT". The aim of RISK-IDENT is to identify unknown organic trace substances or metabolites in water using mass spectrometric methods. Furthermore, an assessment of the environmental relevance of the substances should be carried out. To this end, identified substances are examined in the context of the project for persistence, mobility, relevance to drinking water and ecotoxicological relevance.


Dr. Heinz Rüdel
Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology,
On the Aberg 1,
57392 Schmallenberg, Germany


Prof. Dr. Winfried Schröder, Vechta
Dr. K. Theo von der Trenck, Karlsruhe
Dr. Heinz Rüdel, Schmallenberg

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