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The focus of the work is on the exchange of experience in the implementation of the REACh regulation, in particular on the topics of exposure, persistence, ecotoxicology, toxicology and risk assessment. In addition to industrial chemicals, the working group also focuses on the evaluation of pesticides, biocides and pharmaceuticals, and new research topics are regularly presented.

News from the working group

The working group chemical assessment met on 16/06/21 to an Online-Meeting. The main topic was concepts for assessing the sustainability of the use of chemicals, which were presented in two lectures. First, Dr. Silke Gabbert from RIVM in Bilthoven (NL) the concept of "Essential Use" in the European chemicals strategy for sustainability with first glimpses of challenges and opportunities. In doing so, she dealt in particular with the necessary definitions and criteria for determining "essential use", for example of chemical substances per se as well as in products. Then Janna Kuhlmann from BUND (previously EPEA) explained the Cradle to Cradle concept for chemical assessment for the circular economy. The C2C certification of products is graded (bronze to platinum) for the absence of certain substances of concern (restricted substances list) and hazards according to GHS / CLP.

The questions posed by the 18 participants dealt, among other things, with the practical feasibility of the concepts under various ordinances and guidelines, for example for biocides and pesticides or electronic scrap. Aspects relating to the assessment of the sustainability of supply chains and contributions to the EU's Zero Pollution Ambition were also deepened.

Archive of activity reports / activities


  • Legal texts for chemical assessment assessment in the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) More



Prof. Dr. A. Iron girders
Federal Environment Agency, Dessau-Roßlau, email


Dr. Stefan Hahn
Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine,email

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Analytical Laboratory, Bahnhofstrasse 1, Luhnstedt D-24816, email

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