Reports from the Board

Reports from the Board of the GDCh Division of Environmental Chemistry & Ecotoxicology

Report from the Board (July 2021)

On July 12, 2021, the Board of the Division online for a board meeting. After it was suggested at the last general meeting that the younger members of the Division also be more involved, a representative of the group of young scientists from our Division part in the board meeting for the first time. The Board discussed the further organization of the involvement and the planning of the next forum for young environmental scientists: inside 2021, which is to take place digitally on September 6, 2021 from 2 to 6 p.m. directly in front of the environment 2021.

The Organization of the Environment 2021, which will take place from 7.-8. September 2021 takes place online, and the session "Medicines of the future" at the GDCh Science Forum on September 1, 2021, was a topic of the meeting.

Report from the Board (February 2021)

On November 12, 2020 and January 14, 2021, the Board of the GDCh Division ?environmental chemistry & Ecotoxicology? met virtually. The focus of the sessions was the preparation of the GDCh Science Forum 2021, at which the FG is organizing a session on the topic of ?Drugs of the Future?.

In the context of the pandemic, the future of organizing workshops, general Conferences discussed: virtual vs. face-to-face events, or a hybrid of both. Possibilities for the annual conference "Environment 2021" were discussed, meanwhile there was also a first virtual meeting with the SETAC GLB.

The number of members increased slightly as of January 1st, 2021. The trend towards an increase in student members continues. That is why it is important for the Board to involve a young member of the FG in the board work as a guest and an appeal was sent to all members. There will soon be an Online meeting with those interested in order to further plan their participation.

Report from the Board (October 2020)

On October 2, 2020, the Board of the GDCh Division ?environmental chemistry & Ecotoxicology? came together for a virtual board meeting. The chairmen of the various working Division (atmospheric chemistry, soil, chemical assessment and environmental monitoring) were also invited. The work of the working groups was therefore the focus of this meeting.

First of all, the chairmen reported on the activities in the past months. Due to the pandemic, workshops had to be postponed and the work of the working groups switched to virtual meetings. In addition, the term of office of the chairmen was extended by one year to enable elections at face-to-face events of the working groups in 2021. The Board expressly thanked the chairmen for their willingness to do so.

The working group guidelines were then discussed. In particular, the active participation of new members and the visibility of the activities of the working groups was an important topic. Here the proposal was made that the working groups report on their activities once a year for the passive AK members and inform them about the next meeting date. This is already being handled successfully in the environmental monitoring .

After the board meeting, the general meeting took place in the afternoon, which this year was also organized virtually. In addition to board members, AK chairmen and the editor of the announcements, 28 members took part. The minutes of the general meeting can be found in the next edition of the press release or here online.

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