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Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 3/2022 has been published with 3 original articles on the subjects of investigating PFAS immobilization, screening for brominated flame retardants and imaging MALDI-MS and nanodispensing.
More Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 3/2022

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From the Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 3/2022


  • ES&T article: Outside the safe operating space of a new planetary boundary for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
  • LfU: Provisional guidance on the assessment of PFAS contamination in water and soil
  • How do cells react to micro- and nanoplastics?
  • Deep sea terminus: microplastics pollute the seabed even more than previously assumed
  • The "Cryosphere" article: First evidence of microplastics in Antarctic snow
  • European Commission to introduce tighter control of F-gases and ODS
  • International Day of Clean Air for blue skies
  • UN Ocean Conference 2022: 198 countries adopt the Lisbon Declaration
  • Mapping unknown chemical contaminants in Swiss waters
  • EEA: Pollution exposure causes 10% of all cancer cases in Europe
  • Pesticides and environmental injustice in the USA
  • UN General Assembly declared Environmental Rights and Governance
  • EFSA: Bees and pesticides: draft guidance update for public consultation
  • EU citizens' initiative calls for binding reduction in pesticides in Germany and Europe
  • New publications from the Federal Environment Agency

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