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Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 2/2021 published, among other things, 3 original articles on the subjects of active ingredients in pesticides in surface water, analysis methods for microplastics and magnetic particle-based immunoassays. More Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 2/2021

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From the Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 2/2022


  • A step forward at the UN Environment Assembly towards reducing global pollution
  • EU-funded research project to analyze aquatic degradation mechanisms of polymer materials
  • Degradation of low-density polyethylene to nanoplastic particles by accelerated weathering
  • Microplastic inputs into the marine environment - current state of knowledge and options for action
  • ENVI Committee votes on Persistent Organic Pollutants
  • UBA press release: Pesticide approvals undermine environmental protection
  • EFSA publishes report on pesticide residues on food
  • Consultation: ECHA proposes restriction on PFASs in firefighting foams
  • Suspect screening reveals point source-specific patterns of emerging and novel per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances
  • ECHA Report on PFAS Cleaning Technologies
  • UBA press release: Some people in Europe are exposed to a worryingly high level of pollutants
  • UBA/BfR press release: "PARC": EU research partnership for risk assessment of chemicals starts
  • Exposure to contemporary and emerging chemicals in commerce among pregnant women in the United States
  • From cohorts to molecules: Adverse impacts of endocrine disrupting mixtures
  • The UBA database "PHARMS-UBA" - "Medicines in the environment"

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