Events of the GDCh Division of Electrochemistry


The "Electrochemistry" conference series is organized every two years by the GDCh Division of Electrochemistry in cooperation with the DGO, GfKORR, AGEF, DECHEMA, DBG and the Working Group Electrochemical Analytical Methods Group (AK ELACh) of the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry :

GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2021 (August 31, 2021; online)

The best storage is chemistry (together with the GDCh Division of Chemistry & Energy)
Claudia Weidlich, Wolfgang Schrader
- The future of batteries for a climate neutral energy system (DU Sauer, Aachen)
- Hydrogen: From chemistry to energy (M. Hölzle, Ulm)
- Hydrogen-based energy carriers (A. Schaadt, Freiburg)
- tba (K. Westphal)

Electrochemistry @ WiFo
Chairs: S. Bräuninger, C. Weidlich

- Young Scientist Award 2020: Understanding high entropy alloy complex solid-solution electrocatalysts by correlating multi-element design with activity curves (T. Löffler, Bochum)
- Advancement Young Scientist Award 2021: Merging Shuttle Reactions and Paired Electrolysis for Reversible Vicinal Dihalogenations (JL Röckl, Stockholm / SE)

Electrochemistry - everything flows
J. Kintrup, M. Özaslan, C. Roth, C. Weidlich
- Electrolyse Now - or Never (G. Hilt, Oldenburg / DE, S. Waldvogel, Mainz / DE)
- Electrolyse Now - or Never (S. Waldvogel, Mainz / DE)
- Low Cost Redox Flow Batteries for Renewables - Material Challenges and System Design (M. Peither, Munich / DE)
- Metal-free redox flow batteries: Energy storage for a carbon-neutral society (T. Janoschka, Jena / DE)

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