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Our industrial society is inconceivable without Electrochemistry and its applications. The most important areas are:


  • Environmental technology, material cleaning and separation
  • Electrochemical power engineering
  • Surface technology
  • Micro- and nanotechnology
  • Corrosion protection
  • Electrochemical analysis and sensor technology.

Electrochemistry is actually a fundamental science. It deals with all processes associated with the passage of electrical charges (electrons, ions) at phase boundaries and with the transport of ions in homogeneous phases. In contrast, some of the processes in technology are still controlled empirically today. Electrochemistry now bridges the gap between science and industry by recording the fundamentals of the above-mentioned processes, including process engineering.

When the GDCh- division Electrochemistry was founded in 1960, interests were still limited and the number of members small. The dynamics of interdisciplinary areas soon proved to be a stimulus: the division had to and wanted to take on further tasks. While electrolysis and energy technology predominated at the beginning, high-tech areas, new systems and material issues are now being tackled. The increasing number of members (around 600 today) reflects the response in all areas of science and technology. The division has set itself the goal of the comprehensive promotion of Electrochemistry from the basics to the applications.

Map of Electrochemistry

Where in Germany is research and production carried out in the field of Electrochemistry ? This leads to the Electrochemistry map, which lists companies and work groups at universities, technical colleges and non-university research institutions that deal with research, development and / or production in the field of Electrochemistry . Even if the focus is on Germany, companies and working groups based abroad are cordially invited to participate.

Specialist group meetings

Annual meetings take place in odd years as part of the GDCh Science Forum. In even years, the division organizes the international " Electrochemistry " conference with the participation of several other societies.

Promotion of young talent

The division annually awards a sponsorship award and grants for active participation in conferences (poster / lecture).

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September 22-24, 2021

BES 2022

April 3-7, 2022
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Electrochemistry 2022

September 27-30, 2022


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