Board of the GDCh Division of Coating Chemistry


Dr. Stefan Kirsch (Chair)
BASF SE, Ludwigshafen

Prof. Dr. Michael Groteklaes (Deputy Chair)
Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Krefeld

Dr. Volkmar Stenzel (Deputy Chair)
IFAM Fraunhofer Society, Bremen

The steering committees of the Division of Coating Chemistry are the general assembly , which takes place at least once a year, the Board consisting of three people and the working committee that supports it, in which, in addition to the incumbent Board, around 15 specialist colleagues from various industry segments and the former chairmen of the two previous terms of office are represented are.

Contacts in the region
Dr. Michael Hilt
FPL eV, Stuttgart

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brock
Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences

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