Poster prices

Poster prizes of the GDCh Division of the Chemistry of Construction Materials

Poster prices 2019 Dr. R. Zurbriggen, A. German,
P. Kirschbauer, Dipl.-Ing. N. Schröter,
K. Walbrück, J. Georgens, Dr. F. Winnefeld
Foto: GDCh/Dipl.-Ing. N. Schröter

As part of the poster award ceremony of the GDCh Division of the Chemistry of Construction Materials "Conference the chemistry of construction materials" from September 30th to October 2nd, 2019, the following posters were awarded:

1st place:
"Time-resolved investigation of the monocarbonate formation in a mixture of calcium aluminate cement and calcite"
Julian Goergens, Erlangen / DE, T. Manninger, Erlangen / DE, F. Götz-Neunhoeffer, Erlangen / DE.

Place 2:
"Novel geopolymer-bonded insulation materials made from renewable raw materials"
Katharina Walbrück, Rheinbach / DE, S. Witzleben, Rheinbach / DE, D. Stephan, Berlin / DE, awarded.

2x 3rd place:
"Hydration of MgO / Hydromagnesite Mixtures"
Alexander German, Dübendorf / CH, F. Winnefeld, Dübendorf / CH, P. Lura, Dübendorf / CH, and

"Investigation of various influencing variables on the shear-compressive strength of constructively bonded precast concrete parts"
Patrick Kirschbauer, Nürnberg / DE, K. Pöhler, Sengenthal / DE, B. Raab, Nürnberg / DE.

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