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The aim of the Working Group Chemistry in Medical Education Education, founded in September 2010, is the further development and modernization of chemical and natural science education in medical courses (human and dental medicine, but also veterinary medicine, molecular medicine, etc.). In human medicine, this training takes place within the framework of the subject "Chemistry for Medicines".

The Working Group represents the interests of these subjects and their representatives externally. Above all, the participation in the creation of training standards and representation in inter-university and non-university committees should be mentioned here. The aim is to firmly anchor chemistry as a basic scientific subject in a modern medical course that does justice to the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly growing molecular knowledge.

In addition, the working group represents a platform for the exchange of experiences at every level. Inquiries, requests and suggestions are always welcome!

Board 2021-2023

Prof. Dr. Gerald Steiner (Chair)
Technical University Dresden

Prof. Dr. Richard Göttlich (Deputy Chair)
Justus-Liebig university of Giessen

Dr. Rudolf Hutterer
University of Regensburg

Prof. Dr. Michael Lalk
University of Greifswald


Prof. Hoffmann (founding chair)
Nachrichten aus der Chemie
Issue 12/2010


GDCh Office
Dr. Carina S. Kniep
Tel .: +49 69 7917-499

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