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The GDCh division Chemistry & Energy was first founded as a working group in March 2009 and transferred to a regular division of the GDCh on January 1, 2016. The division is an association of approx. 400 individuals who are interested in the subject of "Chemistry and Energy" and are committed to promoting it. The division works on scientific and technical questions that chemistry can answer on the subject of "energy supply of the future", with the following objectives:


  • The division serves as a data and information hub on the subject of Chemistry and Energy.
  • It makes energy-relevant activities in the GDCh visible.
  • It organizes the exchange with comparable technical and scientific working groups.
  • She seeks and maintains discussions with other partners who deal with the topic of energy from different perspectives
  • It supports the GDCh public relations work in presenting what chemistry will be able to achieve in the energy sector in the foreseeable future (for example also in the organization of public workshops).

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