chemical education 2019

36th advanced training and lecture Division of the chemical education

as part of the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2019 "Chemistry - the common element"

September 15-18, 2019 in Aachen


© 2011 Dietrich vom Berge
© 2011 Dietrich vom Berge

scientific programme

Experimental and discussion lectures (pdf.file, 30 KB)

Workshops (pdf.file, 1.3 MB)
Participation in the workshops is only possible after registration!

Short poster presentations (pdf.file, 9.95 KB)

Poster party: 16.09.19 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Award ceremony and social evening

Monday, September 16, 2019, 7:45 p.m.

Novotel Aachen City

The Novotel Aachen City is located in the heart of Aachen. The modern restaurant of the 4-star hotel provides international and regional cuisine for the culinary framework of the FGCU social evening, at which the FGCU prizes are awarded in good tradition.


  • Friedrich Stromeyer Award
  • Manfred and Wolfgang Flad Award
  • Award for teachers in primary schools

Costs * per person (drinks on a self-pay basis)
Members 32 euros
Students 28 euros

The number of participants is limited. Registration is required.

* These items contain 19% VAT.

General meeting

Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Eurogress Aachen, room "Lisbon 1", Monheimsallee 48, 52062 Aachen

1. Welcoming / establishing the agenda
2. Adoption of the minutes of the general meeting of 14.09.2018 in Karlsruhe
3. Chairman's report
4. Reports of the working groups
5. Report on the GDCh teacher training centers
6. Cash balance / discharge of the board of directors
7. Miscellaneous

The General Assembly will take place during the 36th training and lecture meeting held by the Division for chemical education. Members who are not registered for the scientific program can go directly to the general meeting. It is not necessary to report to the conference office.

Release of teachers

In all federal states, the GDCh has submitted an application for accreditation of the 36th advanced training and lecture conference of the GDCh Division on chemical education as advanced teacher training.

In the following you will find the information received from the individual federal states regarding the accreditation of the Conference and the release of teachers.

Accreditation exemption
Baden-Wuerttemberg The federal state does not carry out accreditation Application to school management
Bavaria Event approved in FIBS: E471-0 / 19/507508 not specified
Berlin Answer is pendingAnswer is pending State does not carry out accreditation Application to school management


Application to school management
Bremen The federal state does not carry out accreditation Application to school management

no regulated accreditation procedure for providers of advanced training events

Application to school management

Hesse LA offer no. 01996297
Accreditation according to §65 Hessian Teacher Training Act (HLbG)
not specified
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania recognized as advanced teacher training in accordance with Section 16 of the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Teacher Training Act Interested teachers are responsible for regulating their exemption from lessons
Lower Saxony

VeDaB event database no. GDCh19.37.01

not specified
North Rhine-Westphalia The federal state does not carry out accreditation;
Event posted under
not specified

Ref .: 19ST014801

Recognition does not regulate the granting of leave.


Saarland teachers can register online at the LPM under the advanced training number A5.163-1390. A separate registration for the Conference at the GDCh is necessary.

Application to the school management

The federal state does not carry out an accreditation procedure; Course number EXT04410 in the Online training catalog

Application via school management to the LaSuB staff-managing location

Saxony-Anhalt Registration number. WT 2019-400-19
The event is recognized as a supplementary offer in accordance with RdErl. Of the Ministry of Culture of November 19, 2012 (SVBl.LSA, No. 11, p. 264).
The department makes the decision on exemption from duty / special leave
Schleswig-Holstein Recognition as a third-party advanced training event in accordance with Section 3, Paragraph 8e of the Teacher Service Regulations of July 5, 1978 Application to the school management

Recognition as a further training offer.

File number: 5094-74-0678 / 19

not specified

Criteria for top posters and poster prices of the FGCU

The following guidelines and criteria apply to the selection (pdf.file, 14 KB).

All about the GDCh Science Forum

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The science forum in Aachen: happy expectations

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