Scholarship program

Scholarship program of the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry

The Division of Analytical Chemistry supports the activities of young scientists with various scholarship options. In particular, young specialist group members should be given the opportunity to open up opportunities to attend Conferences, seminars or workshops as part of their training. Since these possibilities have recently been significantly expanded, all of the scholarship programs offered by the Division are summarized again below. The events should have a clear analytical reference.

General conference grants

In order to enable young scientists (students during their bachelor and master theses, doctoral students and postdocs without a permanent position) to actively attend national and international analytics Conferences (i.e. with posters or presentations on a topic of analytical chemistry), the Division provides a limited number of free - ie not tied to a Conference - scholarships are available. You can contact Dr. Carina S. Kniep with the keyword "Conference grant for analytical chemistry" at least three weeks before the start of the event. The complete application must contain the following documents:


  • the completed application form "general conference grant"
  • a short résumé
  • the abstract of the conference contribution
  • Confirmation of acceptance of the lecture / poster
  • a brief justification (max. one page) with an estimate of the travel and accommodation costs as well as an indication of the registration fee
  • Proof of participant registration.

Maximum grant amounts

- national Conference up to EUR 250.00
- international Conference Europe up to EUR 300.00
- international Conference overseas up to EUR 500.00

Participation in one international or two national Conferences is funded per applicant and year.

Publication grant ABC

The Division of Analytical Chemistry and its members benefit both professionally and financially from the success of the Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry (ABC) journal.

Young scientists (m / f / d) in analytical chemistry can apply for a scholarship for a stay of at least one month at a research institution abroad. Conversely, the scholarship can also be awarded to young researchers who are working abroad and who are planning a stay of at least one month in an analytical working group in Germany.

The aim of the publication grant is to support the completion of a joint publication by the participating research institutions, which must be submitted to the journal ABC for publication no later than six months after the end of the stay. The grant recipient must be the first author.

For a stay in the host institution, 500 euros per month, up to a maximum of 1000 euros, are granted. If the manuscript is accepted by ABC, a further 1,500 euros will be paid after publication.

The application is made under the keyword "Publication Grant ABC" by e-mail to Dr. Carina S. Kniep (GDCh Office) enclosing the following documents (summarized in a PDF document):


  • Application form,
  • CV, current position with scope,
  • Brief description of the research work planned in the host institution and the preparatory work that has already been carried out, which should be rounded off, completed or expanded during the guest stay (it must be plausibly explained that it is realistic to submit the manuscript no later than six months after the end of the stay),
  • Abstract of the planned publication with a provisional title and likely co-authors,
  • for doctoral students: a brief supportive statement from the group leader,
  • a brief supportive statement from the host.

Before the grant is Division Board submits the description of the research content and the abstract to an ABC editor for professional opinion and assessment of the fit to ABC (see ?Aims and Scope?). The ABC editor informs the Division Board of its assessment. The awarding of the grant of the Division Board will decide. All submissions will be treated confidentially.

With the granting of the grant, the grant recipient undertakes to submit the manuscript to ABC magazine as the first author no later than six months after its completion.

The manuscript is submitted via the regular submission system of the journal. Please address the cover letter to Prof. Dr. Günter Gauglitz and include the following sentence: "This submission was supported by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the German Chemical Society via a scholarship for finalizing a publication in a cooperation project."

The GDCh Office ( Dr. Carina S. Kniep ) must be informed of the submission of the manuscript and publication of the publication (Link / DOI).

Special scholarships

Selected events such as ANAKON, the GDCh-Wissenschaftsforum Chemie, doctoral seminars , the summer school for Young Analytical Chemists or the European Chemistry Congress, to name just a few, are supported by the Division by awarding grants for actively participating diploma and doctoral students in promoted in a special way. For this purpose, the specialist Division aware of the current scholarship Mitteilungsblatt in the newsletter, in the newsletter and on the homepage of the specialist group . Please inform yourself regularly about the existing special scholarships.


The Board of the Division supports group excursions as part of the analytical training at universities and technical colleges with a grant of a maximum of 250 euros. The excursions must have a clear reference to analytics.

As the organizer of the excursion, please send your informal applications together with a brief description of the content to the GDCh Office ( M aike Fries ). After approval by the Board of the Division of the analytical chemistry Section , we require the following documents:


  • Brief description of the project
  • Cost overview and proof with original receipts
  • Address of the recipient of the funds
  • Bank details

The amount will be paid after the required documents have been submitted.

The excursion should then be briefly presented in the Mitteilungsblatt of the Division .

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