Board of the GDCh Working Group Vocational Education


René Dittus (Chair)
Institute Dr. Flad, Stuttgart

PD Dr. habil. Thomas Letzel (Deputy Chair)
Technical University of Munich

Klaus Lebherz
Evonik Industries AG, Hanau

Dr. Britta Pfeffer
Scientific Technical Center Dr. Künkele, Landau

Dr. Thomas Schäfer
Natural Science Technical Center Dr. Künkele, Landau

Board election for the 2022-2024 term of office

On December 31, 2021, the term of office of the Board of Directors of the working group on vocational education ends and you, dear members of the working group, are called upon with this letter to nominate candidates for the board election who


  • have declared their willingness to run for candidacy,
  • Members of the working group are and
  • have the support of seven members of the Division . The incumbent board members are happy to support your suggestions after consultation.

According to the bylaws of the working group , the Board consists of a maximum of seven members (1x chair, 1x deputy chair, max. 5x assessors), who are each elected for a period of three years. One-time re-election is possible, but with the restriction that the person concerned is a Board for a maximum of two uninterrupted terms of office. After two terms each, René Dittus, Klaus Lebherz and Dr. Thomas Schäfer no longer run for office. All other board members have indicated their readiness to run again. Special thanks go to all of you at this point for your many years of successful work for the Division and the GDCh as a whole.

For a maximum of seven standing for election board positions the incumbent Board shall - in addition to your nominations - the following list of proposed steps:



Electoral status

PD Dr. habil. Thomas Letzel

Technical University of Munich


Andrea Moschetta

Scientific Technical Center Dr. Künkele, Landau

New election

Britta Pfeffer

Scientific Technical Center Dr. Künkele, Landau


Lennart Schumacher

University of Stuttgart

New election

If the GDCh Office not received any written proposals for the nomination of further candidates by August 15, 2021 (for the attention of Maike Fries; ), the election will be available Online from September 20, 2021 carried out with the persons specified above.

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