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The Working Group of German University Professors for Chemistry promotes science and research in the field of chemistry as well as the formation of suitable young scientists. The tasks and activities of ADUC include opinions on the development of chemistry in research and teaching at universities, planning and alignment of Chemiedozententagung, the award of the ADUC level price and the coordination of programs with the Conference of the departments chemistry.

The ADUC was founded in 1897 as an association of laboratory boards at German universities and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1997. The ADUC a Working Group in the GDCh since 1999.

ADUC membership

Anyone who supports the tasks and goals of the ADUC and holds a C4 / C3 or W3 / W2 professorship in the field of chemistry at universities, technical universities or comprehensive universities can become a member of the ADUC.

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