Statements and Position Papers

Statements and Position Papers

Click here for GDCh statements and position papers that have been published in English.

Position Paper "Energy Storage Systems - The Contribution of Chemistry" (May 2016)

GDCh Position Paper "On the Future of Scientific Publishing" (December 2013)

Position Paper "Change in the Raw Materials Basis", produced and sponsored by a temporary working group consisting of GDCh, Dechema, DGMK and VCI (January 2010)

Position Paper "Future Energy Supplies - the contribution of chemistry", created and supported by the Coordinating Group for Chemical Energy Research of DBG, DECHEMA, DGMK, GDCh, GVC and VCI (October 2009)

C6-Declaration (Juli 2007)

All GDCh statements and position papers are to be found here.

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