Press and public relations

The living pulse of chemistry and the GDCh

The aim of GDCh PR work is to open up chemistry to a broader audience and to build a bridge between science and the media. We want to spark interest in all that chemistry can accomplish, to show the connections between chemistry and other aspects of life, to promote a more sophisticated approach to environmental issues and to interpret the findings of current research.

We also publish GDCh position papers and information from the GDCh divisions and from professional and local groups. The Wissenschaftliche Pressedienst Chemie (Scientific Press Service for Chemistry) informs the daily press, professional journals, radio and television stations and on-line media of current news in chemistry. Press conferences are held on the occasion of important conferences such as the GDCh Wissenschaftsforum Chemie (GDCh Science Forum Chemistry).

GDCh PR also recommends experts for interviews and research – a service that is particularly prized by the media.

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Public Relations Contact

Dr. Karin J. Schmitz
Head, Public Relations
Tel. +49 (0)69/7917-493
Fax +49 (0)69/7917-1493

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