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Aktuelle Wochenschau (News of the week)

The fascination of chemistry in all of its diversity

For a unique survey of current research and developments in the various fields of chemistry, such as analytical chemistry, sustainable chemistry and food chemistry, see www.aktuelle-wochenschau.de .

For anyone who is interested, from school children to professional chemists, this web site presents the latest developments in branches of chemistry such as environmental sciences, energy technology, crafts and trades, and household.

The various contributions are ordered by topic, with a different division of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker represented each year. A new and intriguing contribution appears each week (in German).

HighChem hautnah

The HighChem hautnah (HighChem up close) series of brochures is based on the Internet presentation of the current  Wochenschau (News of the Week). The on-online material has been edited for readability and instructive content: it is arranged by topic.

The HighChem hautnah German-language brochures address anyone who is interested in the natural sciences, from school children to professional chemists. The brochures presented in this series so far are:

Volume I: HighChem hautnah – "Aktuelles aus der Analytischen Chemie"
(Current News from Analytical Chemistry), April 2006. A revised edition was published in March 2010.  
Volume II: HighChem hautnah – "Aktuelles aus der Elektrochemie und zum Thema Energie"
(Current News from Electrochemistry and Concerning Energy), June 2007 (sold out).
Volume III: HighChem hautnah – "Aktuelles zur Chemie der Farben und Lacke"
(Current News on the Chemistry of Paints and Varnishes), May 2008 (sold out).
Volume IV: HighChem hautnah – "Aktuelles zur Nachhaltigen Chemie"
(Current News about Sustainable Chemistry), May 2009.
Volume V: HighChem hautnah – "Aktuelles aus der Lebensmittelchemie"
(Current News about Food Chemistry), September 2010.
Volume VI: HighChem hautnah – "Aktuelles über Chemie und Energie"
(Current News about Chemistry and Energy), August 2011.
Volume VII: HighChem hautnah – "Aktuelles aus der Bauchemie"
(Current News about Construction Chemistry), October 2012.
Volume VIII: HighChem hautnah – "Gelebte Chancengleichheit in der Chemie"
(Equal Opportunity in the World of Chemistry), September 2013.

Volume IX: HighChem hautnah – "Aktuelles aus der Biochemie"
(Current News about Biochemistry), July 2014.

Volume X: HighChem hautnah – "Aktuelles aus der Wasserchemie"
(Current News about Water Chemistry), August 2015.

Volume XI: HighChem hautnah – "Aktuelles zu Chemie und Licht"
(Current News about Chemistry and Light), Mai 2016.

All brochures are available from the GDCh free of charge.
(Tel.: +49 (0)69 7917 327, e-mail: pr@gdch.de).


HighChem hautnah

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